Wednesday, 12 July 2017

25 years in 10 days!

I'm turning 25 in 10 days!!! Scary but exciting thought. My official birthday cake with some lawyer thing going on (Daddy has faith, that I will graduate law school 😍😍😍).

My birthday wish is really to love Jesus more. To be a blessing to others. And to have the sweetest relationship with God. 

Worried About the Future?

Today I had a humbling experience...

Summary: My mom sent my lil brother and I to go give our grandma maize. It was really just a random act. So we got there chilled a bit then I told her that Mommy had sent us with maize to give her. The way our Grandma was so happy touched my heart. She went on to tell us that her mealie meal was just about to finish and she was actually in need of the maize.

The lesson I learnt from that experience is that God always takes care of his own. There is a verse in the Bible that says (and I paraphrase) that we shouldn't worry about tomorrow, what we will eat or what we will wear. God knows what we need and he will always make a plan for us.

Back to our story... while our grandma was busy worrying about what she will eat tomorrow, God was out here making a plan to provide for her needs.

Moral of the Story: God always has a solution, even before the problem arises. Our struggles never take God by surprise. We have to trust in him and believe that he has everything under control, even when we can't see it with our own eyes.

May we all be encouraged to do good. You never know how far that small random act of kindness will go. That one deed might be an answer to someone's prayer. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Is God ready to help?

As I was doing my morning devotion, I came across these two quotations that really touched my heart. They reminded me that God is ready and willing to bless us, but we don't seek him for help, guidance or protection. We regard God as a "Last Minute God". We go to him when we have no other option, when He could have been our first point of call. 

The extracts below are from a devotional book - THE UPWARD LOOK by Ellen White;

He who is meek in spirit, he who is purest and most childlike, will be made strong for the battle. He who feels his weakness, and wrestles with God as did Jacob, and like this servant of old cries, “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me,” will go forth with the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. His influence will be a positive force in favor of the religion of Christ.... – {The Upward Look 46.5}

Our God is a very present help in time of need. He is acquainted with the most secret thoughts of our hearts, with all the intents and purposes of our souls. When we are in perplexity, even before we open to Him our distresses, He is making arrangements for our deliverance. – {The Upward Look 46.6}

May we be encouraged to seek the Lord's help. Even a simple "God please fix it" will do wonders. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Surviving Law School

When it comes to Law you can either do the straight 4 year LLB (Bachelor of Laws), or the 5 year route, where you do a first degree majoring in Law and something else for example Law and Politics or Law and Journalism, etc and then in your third year you apply to get into the 2 year LLB. You can also opt to do the 3 year LLB - for this you have to do a pre-law degree with no law courses - this can be in Pharmacy, Science, Humanities, Commerce, etc, then apply to do the LLB as a postgraduate degree.

Personal Experience:
I did my pre-law degree at the University of Cape Town and then went on to do my 3 year LLB at Rhodes University. Below I will briefly share my experiences for my first two years at Rhodes University.

Year One LLB:
When I started off the year, I didn't know what to expect. I was used to getting by without putting much effort. This worked well for the first few weeks until I wrote my Contract Law A test to which i got 16%. (Yes, that was a serious wake up call). From that day on, I started putting in extra work, I spent my days in the library, I pulled all nighters, I cried, I whined but I knew I had to work extra hard.

During the year, I passed some tests and failed some. It was a really painful year but giving up was never an option. I never looked back, I was prepared to give it my all.

At the end of the year, I did really well and was placed on the the DEAN's LIST for ACADEMIC MERIT. Something I never thought would happen at the time that I received my Contract Law A test script with a 16% fail.

Year Two LLB:
Because I had done really well in my first year, I thought - nah Law School is my thing, it's really not as bad as people say it is - naive much! In addition to my own school work, I was tutoring approximately 30 first year students, I was in the House Committee for my Residence and I was also the Vice Treasurer for our Student Church on Campus. I managed to overlook all these responsibilities so you can imagine the tears that were shed when I got another humbling wake up call.

I did what had to be done, with more tears, more sweat and less whining. And again at the end of the year, I was placed on the DEAN's LIST for ACADEMIC MERIT.

Moral of the Story:
After all I went through and what I achieved, I can never dream of taking any credit. I remember the nights when I would struggle to understand some concepts, and only after praying would everything make sense. Some days I would randomly wake up in the middle of the night and go through that one topic that I would have left out, only to find that exact topic in the test or exam the following morning. 

On other days, I wrote tests or exams that I knew I should have failed but I landed on a 50%. Sometimes I even fail to explain how, why, when, what, BUT my God fought for me, he remained faithful even when i doubted him. And he can definitely do the same for you - TRY HIM!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Updated Random Facts About Me

I have written two other "Random Facts About Me" posts, follow the links below if you missed them;

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1. I got my driver's license almost 6 years ago, but the moment I have to REVERSE the car my brain freezes.
2. The best moment of my life is when I have to third wheel the parents, their marriage is fire, they make me want to get married too.
3. I enjoy watching soccer - Yes I love soccer now, courtesy of my lil brother.
4. Take me to Netherlands!
5. I respect men that dress well.
6. I'm not very big on answering calls.
7. I would rather watch a sermon than a movie.
8. Homemade custard and cake does it for me.
9. I love baking.
10. Because people measure age by height, most people think my lil brother is older than me, And I honestly do not mind.
11. At this very moment, as much as i might want to deny it, I actually just love these two ladies - Vimbai Christabel Kunyongana and Tsitsi Sharon Madyambudzi - they currently have a big spot in my heart for many different reasons.
12. My current favourite song is "Loving the Lord and Loving each other" by the Gaither Vocal Band - I literally play it every morning before my devotion.
13. I love apples!
14. This is essential, I don't like chocolate! But i love my cakes and muffins chocolate.
15. I live my life in phases, so nothing is really constant except Jesus!
16. I need to at least be jogging 10km by December 2017 - will do a follow up post on this in December.
17. I love to keep my weight at 50kg, currently at 52kg, dropped from 55kg.
18. I personally think if you hope/wish/want/desire to be a mother one day, you need to practice the life of prayer - mothers (biological, adoptive, spiritual or step) just go through the most!
19. If you are a Young (or Old, okay lets just say Single), Seventh Day Adventist, Singing gentleman,  please know i am praying for you.
20. I don't even know what my favourite colour is anymore, so if its pretty, i like it.
21. I will be finishing my law degree this year - Yaaaaaaaaaay, job hunting! - please keep me in your prayers.
22. My favourite number is 22!

Okay, that's about it for today!

May we remember to love the Lord and love each other ❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 15 January 2017

How Big is God?

A story is told of a young boy who asked his father the question, "How big is God?". The father knew how big God was, but had no idea how he would perfectly explain it to his young boy. 

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
One day, as they were driving in town, the boy saw a very tall building and asked his father if God was as big as that building, to which the father answered, "No, he is way bigger than that".

Table Mountain - Cape Town
Months later, while the family was on vacation in Cape Town, the boy saw the gigantic Table Mountain, and with great excitement, he asked his father if God was as big as that mountain. Again the father answered no. 

Then on a random sunny day, the father looked up and saw an aeroplane. With such joy in his voice, he loudly called out his son's name. The little boy came out running to his father. The father told the boy to look up and asked him what he saw. The boy replied "a tiny aeroplane". Then the father said to him "That's how big God is".

Before the boy could say anything, the father told him to get into the car and they quickly drove to the airport. They got to the airport when the plane was just landing. The father then asked the boy if the aeroplane was still tiny. To which the boy replied no, but further asked if the aeroplane was bigger than the very tall building or the enormous mountain they had seen earlier. 

With a big smile, the father explained to his son that, if God is very far from our hearts, if we don't have a relationship with Him, He will appear to us to be as tiny as did the aeroplane when it was high up in the sky. However, if He is close to us, if we have a relationship with him, God will be to us, as big as the plane was, when it landed. 

Moral of the story: Our relationship with God will determine how big God will be to us. In other words, the closer we are to God, the more we will see how great He is. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Practicing the Presence of Christ

Background: My motto for this year is "Practicing the Presence of Christ." Basically this entails living a life as if Jesus is physically present. We all know that Jesus is watching over us in heaven and his spirit is everywhere. But because we can't see him or the Holy Spirit, we tend to be reluctant when it comes to sin. 

Analogy: The way I generally clean the house or cook or drive when my mom is there is different from when she is not around. When she is present, I tend to be more careful and extra diligent, with the hope to impress her. 

In like manner, if we live as though Jesus is physically present, we will be extra cautious with the decisions we make, the places we choose to go, the words we say, the choice of association, what we eat or drink. 

The problem is not really that we don't know what is right or wrong, but we have adapted to the notion that, "YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT." 

However, Jesus is patient with us, he won't strike us the moment we wrong him, hence because we don't face immediate punishment, we think we can get away with sin and repent later (that's if we remember to).

Moral of the story: Let us all Practice the Presence of Christ!