Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Lost Friend :(

Once upon a time a beautiful princess traveled to another city for an event. On her way back she met 'Mr Unpredictable', he was very hospitable, he offered to buy her stuff, to driver her to the station and he said all these nice things about the princess. Unlike what many guys would do, 'Mr Unpredictable' did not ask for her number but rather he gave her his number. He told her to only contact him when she gets to her destination, just to let him know that she had traveled well. The princess was impressed by the fact that 'Mr Unpredictable' was genuinely nice without any strings attached, which was a rare situation in her world. As instructed, the princess contacted and thanked 'Mr Unpredictable' when she got to her destination. In her mind, she thought this was the beginning of a new friendship but 'Mr Unpredictable' being unpredictable 'happened.' He would randomly text her, call her, say these nice things, send airtime, only to go quiet on her. This made the princess wonder and wonder and wonder until she came across this quotation;

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