Sunday, 19 January 2014

To the glory of God!

Every time I meet people for the first time or that I haven't seen in a while, it's either they ask me what grade or form I am in. Some even go an extra mile to estimate my age to be 15 and this is before I even open my mouth to say anything. I used to wonder if it's really because of my height or they could actually be hinting at my maturity level. Whatever the case, I will be optimistic and give credit to my diet -Amen to Health Reform! Watching what you eat and making sure that 'whether you eat or drink or whatsoever you do, you do it all to the glory of God' (1 Corinthians 10:31); does not only deepen your understanding of the scriptures, better your ability to discern truth from error, it also slows down aging - Alleluia!

Yes, I am Vegan.

No, I don't eat fish.

No, not even eggs or milk.

Since when? Mid-February 2013.

What do I eat? Everything else.

No, I don't miss meat.

Yes, I get enough protein.

My B12 is fine, thank you.

And NO, I am not 15, I'm 21.

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