Monday, 13 January 2014

Her Road To Damascus :)

Once upon a time lived a girl who was born and raised in an Adventist home. She attended church every Sabbath, prayed occasionally and hardly ever read her bible. Years went by and time came when she had to leave home to go to boarding school. After the six years of high school at a school where the only times they prayed were at meal times and during assembly, her spiritual life was non- existent. Soon after high school she went even further away from home for University then her real journey of life begun.

First year, she hardly ever went to church, she would spend her Sabbaths in bed. She cried herself to sleep mostly and she never had many friends. Towards the end of her first semester *Mr Amazing* came to the rescue of the ever crying baby. He was everything she needed at that time and the tears ceased to exist. Second semester, her grades even went up that's just how amazing *Mr Amazing* was.

Second year, the fabulous life with *Mr Amazing* continued! going to church improved slightly but wasn't regular. One Sabbath the girl got hit left, right and center by the message preached, that's when she decided to give her life completely to Christ - Amen! She tried to share the amazing light she received with *Mr Amazing* but he didn't see it in the same manner that's when the amazing journey with *Mr Amazing* became rocky and shaky. She knew she had to give up *Mr Amazing* in order to follow Christ fully but she couldn't imagine a continued fabulous life without him. With continued prayer and studying of the bible the girl was able to overcome as Jesus overcame. She gave up *Mr Amazing* and begun to slowly grow into the image of Christ going on from strength to strength.

Third year came with it's own challenges but she continued to look unto Jesus for strength, it was not the easiest year socially, academically and spiritually but at the end of it she came out stronger than she was before.

Moral of the story: God is always faithful in our unfaithfulness. He will never leave us nor forsake us and whatever challenges we face in life we should always remember that all things work for good for those who love The Lord and that The Lord always has plans for us to prosper and not to harm us. Hence we should trust in him always for he is the only one who can declare the end from the beginning.

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