Thursday, 27 February 2014

Why bother trusting God?

This question must have popped up in our minds as some point in our Christian walk. Life can really screw us over that we see no need to even turn to God. All hope might seem to be lost, we might not know what to do next, but we can always find comfort when we read about how God delivered saints of old. A personal favourite is the story of:

Joseph in Egypt

Genesis 37, 39-41 (paraphrased)

Joseph didn't know what God's plan was, for his life. He must have felt really frustrated when his brothers sold him as a slave and it looked like all his plans for his life were ruined. Nonetheless he tried his best and became the best slave in Potiphar's house. He must have felt even more frustrated when Potiphar's wife lied about him and he was put in jail even though, again, he had done nothing wrong. Yet, just like before, Joseph did the very best he could and became one of the best prisoners. He had to wait a long time until he was free, but he tried to be the best he could in every situation. Eventually God helped him become a great man and help all the people of Egypt get ready for the famine.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, like Joseph, things don't quite go like we plan. But if we remember that God is in charge and is watching over us it can help us be patient and have faith that everything will work out for the best... even when we don't know how that will happen.

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  1. A truth to always remember...God is always in control!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What the devil pours on us, God uses for good. When I'm going through a battle I try to keep my thoughts on "What is God going to do with this?" Excellent truth here--we CAN and SHOULD trust God.