Monday, 10 March 2014

Bookworm by DeFAULT!

When I was younger I never understood why we had a t.v, a VCR later DVD player later DSTV, in the house yet we were never really allowed to freely make use of any of those things.
We knew if my dad sees you in the t.v room that was trouble, he would either ask you if you had done your homework, if you say yes, he would ask you if you read a book, if you say yes, he would literally go in his room, get one of his thick novels and ask you to read it.
Being 'clever' kids, we found a solution, every time we heard his car was by the gate, instead of running to the gate, we would all run to our rooms, grab a book or sleep with a book next to you, to seem as if you were reading. 
That happened until we all gave up on watching t.v.
Then years later, I turned 21, I graduated from university, I was thinking I'm a big girl now, this guy wont say anything to me. I heard his car and I told myself I wasn't going to run. He came straight to where I was, and he politely asked how I was doing, then I smiled and told him I was fine. The conversation went on, then after a while he went to his room. In my head I was thinking VICTORY! finally I don't have to be on the BOOK every time. 
A moment later he came back, with a book in his hand, he didn't say anything, he just put it on the table and left.

This explains why I am not a t.v person and why I love reading and writing!

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  1. What a great memory of your dad! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! May we all be such parents.