Sunday, 23 March 2014

Faith that will not let GO!

Going down memory lane...

Once upon a time, I told my mom about this guy that had been on my case for a while. Her response was "focus on your school work for now Nonto, if this guy is really the one for you, he will stick around."

Likewise, I did exactly what my mom had told me to do, I said no to the brother (I'm sure it was not in the most polite way). We did not talk for a while, I even forgot about him totally. 

A few months later, being naive, I thought the brother had totally forgotten about me and we were back in the brother and sister zone. The brother made his second attempt, this time around he was 'bashed!' I even felt bad and I thought he would never ever talk to me again. 

A couple of months later, we started talking again. This time it was on a clear brother and sister basis. I was really shocked that the brother had forgiven me, so I asked him why he had not given up all this time? why he kept persisting? why he was so nice to me even after I bashed him so much? why he was always willing to render his helping hand whenever I needed it? and his response was  "remember your mom said if this guy is the one, he will stick around." (I actually didn't even remember my mom had said that, but he did and took it pretty much serious.) My next question was why me? why not any other girl? and he said some DEEP! stuff. Then what he said at the end of the whole conversation touched my heart and that was; 'I praise God for softening your heart, I never stopped praying and I knew things would work out in my favour' [paraphrased]. What FAITH is that? To think I still hadn't said YES to him! (Though I eventually said NO)

Moral of the story: As much as I 'bashed' this guy, he was lest worried about what I said or thought. Like Jacob he purposed in his heart that he will wrestle with the angel and is not willing to give up until the angel blesses him. Likewise, in humility we ought to send our petitions to God, and do not rest day nor night until we can say, Hear what the Lord hath done for me, until we can bear a living testimony and tell of victories won.

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