Sunday, 2 March 2014

He still SPEAKS to me!!!

Whenever you don't feel like going to church or working for the Lord, there is always either a message the Lord has for you or a powerful purpose the Lord wishes to accomplish through you.

On Friday I got a whatsapp message asking how I was doing spiritually, I chose to delay the response because I had nothing good to say at that point. I skipped Friday night church (vespers), I was considering spending all day in bed on Sabbath. However after wrestling with self through the power and influence of the Holy Spirit, I ended up going to church.

I got into church at 10:56am and the first thing I heard was "A true disciple is faithful until death and not until disappointment" What a BLOW! Then during divine service what stood out for me was, "It only takes one step to come back to God, if you have wandered from God its time to come back, out of our weakness we are made strong." As if that wasn't enough, the closing song was 'Jesus is waiting' SDA Hymnal 286.

Then in the afternoon we had a literature distribution 30 minute session. I chose to go with two of my friends and I thought we will just walk around and come back after 30 minutes. BANG! God had another plan. We ended up meeting two guys, one is Adventist and knew nothing about our church on campus, he was really glad we came to him, he gave us his details and asked us to update him on where church will be taking place. His friend is non-Adventist, but was interested too and he also gave us his details. They both accepted the literature we had and promised to go through it.

All I can say right now and responding to the whatsapp message I got earlier is;

NOT alone, but through Christ who strengthens me.

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