Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monthly Review - April

My last month in Cape Town. Upon reflection, I can safely say I learnt a whole lot in these past few months that I was in Cape Town than I ever did in my three year academic life. I witnessed the Lord's hand at work, not a day went by without me having a place to sleep, food to eat and a shoulder to lean on when need arose.

1. I would like to thank God for His endless love, mercy and providence in my life.
2. I am thankful particularly for these three ladies (Lisa, Christine and Vimbai), who went out of their way to accommodate me, to ensure I was at home and for encouraging me when I was in my greatest distress.
3. I thank God for a brother, a friend, a spiritual mentor - Khobatha. He has always been there to listen, sympathize, advice, encourage, pray with and for me. He patiently read through my very long emails, made time to meet and chat with me even in times when he had a lot of school work to do. I learnt humility, patience, selfless-ness and true biblical manhood from his life and example. My prayer is for The Lord to extend his hand of mercy upon his life and bless him abundantly for all his good works.
4. I am thankful for the love and support I received from my Maposa family in Cape Town, Cliff and Jess, Gina and Prosper lastly Melvin and Mable.
5. I thank God for my sister Thandi Nkomo, even when she was not feeling well, she would care enough to just drop an email checking up on me. She has been a great source of encouragement socially and spiritually. Through her life and example I have learnt true biblical womanhood and endurance in times of distress.
6. I am extremely thankful for my SDASM family, the SDASM exec, it was a pleasure being part of the family of God. I enjoyed every moment serving as the vice-secretary. I will surely miss the 3-6 hour exec meetings. My prayers will forever be with you guys.
7. My friends outside SDASM, I thank you all for making my stay in Cape Town worthwhile, for the chill sessions, for the dinners and for just being there.

Expectations for May:

1. I am finally a "Stay at Home Daugther" yipeeee yay!!! *dream come true*
2. Theme for the month; embracing homemaking, cooking, baking and family life.
3. Deeper prayer life.
4. Book of the Month 'Testimonies to the Church volume 1' by Ellen G. White.
5. Memory Chapter of the Month Titus 2.
6. My transition to natural hair, I trimmed my hair after two months of not relaxing it, now I am considering to do the big chop, but still waiting on The Lord.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

When the 'Priest' is Missing in Action :(

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow because some lessons in life are best learnt in pain. If ever there were days I wished my dad attended church, today exceeds every other one of those days. I wish I could say all this in his face, but I am just praying he will somehow blog 'stalk' me one of these good days or someone would be kind enough to send the link of this blog to him.

Background of the story: Every time we are in the car as a family (the five of us), there is always order, no one yells at anyone, no one raises their voice at anyone, no one will say anything that suggests that their opinion is superior to anyone else's. Basically there will be PEACE, respect and everyone will be sober minded (no unnecessary contributions).

Now whenever we are driving to and from church it's totally a different story. One would think since they are going to or coming from church their minds are more focused on Jesus than on any other occasion BUT yah neh... The devil is not playing, he is indeed searching for those he may devour.

Today I just couldn't take it anymore, I was trying by all means to remain silent, keep calm and just act as if I am not bothered but my tears saw it fit to just pour out at that very moment. The first thought that came to my mind was; "if only dad was here, all this wouldn't be happening ." The only thing I could say was "I am so telling dad!" The moment we got home and I heard his voice, all my sorrows went away, my tears vanished, my heavy heart became light and all was well again. I realized that; indeed the husband, in this case, the father is the house-band, he brings the family together by simply being there. He doesn't necessarily have to say or do anything, but his presence is sometimes all that counts.

I know God can see every tear pouring out from my eyes, I know He can hear my prayer and at His own timing He will intervene and turn everything around. It might take a few more tears, a few more days or months or years, but I have no doubt that I will one day look back and say "Thank you GOD!"

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Christian Walk in a Farewell Message

[A heartfelt farewell message from my very good university friend, my sister, my twin, my soon to be bridesmaid (God-willing)...]

So I realised that some-one very dear to me is leaving tomorrow/ if I'm not Oh bethuna time to say goodbye to Nontie Maposa

Somehow these days I'm inlove with summarising memories I have with people through picture collages.... Its time consuming but helps me reflect on the role a person has played in my life....

So here is a long summary public declaration of what you have been or meant to me Nontie for I have learnt to do this while people are alive as its no use saying all these things at funerals when the person doesn't even hear you or know how much of an influence they had on you so lol... here is a little what they would call "Funeral speech"

Our journey started in 2011 when we were both in first year. She stayed in Baxter hall and I in Tugwell (opposite reses) and we would go to verspers together and church together. We were those people who didn't know SDASM existed hence would go to Mowbray and we were in the same baptismal class with Elder Zuks... who hinted that there was something called Sdasm but still chose to keep us in his class...

Nontie and I have gone through our spiritual journey together and kinda progressing or growing at the same level. In 2011 we both got baptised in our respective churches, 2012 we joined SDASM UCT, and started our vegetarian journey... 2013 we started our full on health reformer journey struggling with not snacking yet ever interceding for each other to be faithful.... We also started our dress reform journey and decided..."No more braids" after much study helping each other on the night of the decision undo each other's yah nhe.... We also started to be serious bible students and studying our spirit of yah nhe and quotations, rebuking each other times /inlove/ started

Then 2014 we realised our call to witnessing and though we might be on different levels on this we are still advancing.

So when they say choose your friends wisely and the influence of friends in one's life, I truly understand...Our oneness in challenges we faced, in growth and just everything perharps even looks as some people would think we were twins, before Lisa came into the

Mara my prayer for you, Nontie Maposa is that you stay in the Lord and grow in the Lord... For if we don't meet on this earth again, I surely pray and hope to spend eternity with you in Heaven....I pray that God may help me be faithful in interceeding for you....

You are greatly loved and will be greatly missed..../sobbing/ Thank God for social networks... we will stay in touch and maybe I will come visit you in Zim too.... mmmmmh maybe nhe.... no promises lest I become like Ananias and Sapphirre...

mwaaaaaah.... Good-bye dinner at my place tonight before crusade... maybe 5pm and to confirm....mwah mwah mwh mwah

Friday, 18 April 2014

No pain without Gain!

YES! Its real, I am finally leaving Cape Town (in 10 days), the saddest reality is right before my eyes. Sometimes God's will is the hardest to accept, even when I know deep down that it's always for my good and for His glory.

After persistently nagging my dad to send my ticket, I was so excited when he finally did, I even chose the FIRST flight out of Cape Town on that day, YES! the 06:10am one. I didn't really take time to ponder upon what that meant. Reality check hit me hard last night. I cried myself through the night, I could barely sleep, I thought of all the friends I made, the memories, the fun, the laughter and my heart just BROKE!.

I will NOT stop crying, I know God can see each tear, He can feel my pain, I know He will stand by me through the pain, He will carry me all the way and He will continue to assure me that all will be well.

When I woke up this morning, I was reminded of the PAIN God had to endure when He was separated from His son. When Jesus went through the agony of Gethsemane, His death on Calvary. I was comforted by the words of the psalmist; weeping may endure for a night but joy DEFINITELY comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

I delight in my weeping, for He wept as well (John 11:35) and I weep to His Glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).

IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! *teary eyes*

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

YES! self MUST die!

Since Sabbath, the Lord has been humbling me, it has literally been one rebuke after the other. I have been hit hard BUT today's one is just out of this world and I really hope He will forgive me for my continued ignorance.

After seeing Lisa off, I met one of our flatmates. I used to occasionally chat with him, mostly when I would be doing dishes in the morning. Then he asked me, why I am always in the room and never come out to watch MOVIES with him. I just smiled and told him that 'movies are bad' and smiled again. He agreed and said BUT there are some movies that are not that bad, were you can actually learn something from them. Seeing that he was churchy, I then asked for lessons one can learn from movies that are not already in the bible. I explained that; okay, one scene of the movie is good, a family prays before they start eating, fair enough, but the next scene there are people killing each other or stealing or fornicating etc, in a way I am calling that which the Lord forbids entertainment.

Then the brother said he hadn't looked at it in that way, he was telling me how he loves God and wishes there was someone to do bible studies with him and how he is searching for the TRUTH. He went on telling me about how he prays everyday in the morning at 11am and 11pm, and how he carries his bible to work and reads it whenever he gets time but wishes there was someone who could explain somethings to him. What made me weep and sorrow for my dear soul, is when he told me, there were times when he wanted to ask me to pray with and for him, but I was either always in a hurry (to do what or go where, I don't know) or I had my 'don't talk to me face' on (I do that a lot, why? I don't know).

I was reminded of Matthew 25:42, 45 which says "For I was hungry and you didn't feed me. I was thirsty and you didn't give me a drink. I was a stranger and you didn't invite me into your home...I tell you when you refused to help the least of these brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me."

May God help us not to be passive instruments of the devil. If we truly love Jesus we should be ready in and out of season to feed his sheep (John 21:15-17). It's real saints, if we are not aggressively righteous then we are passively wicked.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Demanding Little Idol

...called the 'Straight Hair' god!

For the past 21 years of my life, I have appeased this god with a daily offering of blow-dying, occasionally relaxing and spending precious hard earned money trying to hide it in hair extensions and weaves, all in the name of beauty. I devoted most of my prayer life to the desperate hope that there wont be 'bad' weather, that could possibly mess up my most cherished god. Wearing a scarf on was not an option least I end up looking like my grey-haired nanny.

Due to the common stereotypes, black hair is often perceived as a natural flaw instead of a unique attribute that is a characteristic of the black culture (I really wonder how God feels about that). When I used to relax my hair (2 months ago), it was ultimately because of convenience BUT deep down, at the core of me, I believed that natural hair was unattractive, unmanageable and definitely NOT my thing. There were no role models to convince me otherwise.

A sad reality is that, other cultures treat hair enhancement simply as accessories, something that is optional. Whereas, we treat hair enhancement and chemical alterations as needs, something we cannot function without. 

The pen of inspiration clearly states that, we should not have other gods (Exodus 20:3), but we find ourselves disregarding God's providences (our natural hair, among other things) and upholding our own definitions of beauty, myself included. If we are indeed preparing for Heaven, we need to start appreciating the way God created us by embracing simplicity of natural beauty, rather than the artificial and false.

Ask Him, He will do it!

A few days back I read about Jesus' prayer life. I was reminded of how he would pray early in the morning and late at night. With the way I value my sleep, I never saw myself waking up at 2am to do my devotion and pray. I just settled for my usual 7am or 6am on a good day and I never bothered to ask God to help me rise up early.

Today I woke up just after 2am, not to do my devotion but because I was very thirsty and needed something to drink. I couldn't sleep afterwards so I found myself reading Isaiah 50 (beautiful chapter) and what stood out for me were verses 4 and 5 which say "The Lord has given me a tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. He awakens me morning by morning, He awakens my ear to hear as the learned. The Lord God has opened my ear; and I was not rebellious, nor did I turn away." These words and my experience this morning, have assured me that, though we might not ask of God somethings, He will find a way to reveal His will to us and guarantee us VICTORY if we heed to His calling.

My challenge to everyone, myself included, is to sincerely ask God to wake us up every morning, like Jesus did, to spend time with Him. We need this precious time "to think, to pray, to wait upon God for the renewal of physical, mental and spiritual power... Not a pause in His presence BUT personal contact with Christ." ~ {Education, 261}

Monday, 14 April 2014

Avoid leading him on!

As life goes on, you start to learn more and more about responsibility and upon reflection I have realized my 'ignorance' (so to say) was affecting some certain individuals around me. My greatest error was to assume that everyone views life the way I do hence if I can't apologize for being wrong, then its just a shame on me!

Last month I wrote a post "It clouds her Judgement!" explaining how guys should never plan to win a lady's heart by buying her material possessions. This post will be focusing on why ladies should not accept 'gifts' from guys especially if they are aware that the brother has other intentions. (Based on my own personal experience)

A brother made known unto me his interests and I was sincere enough to put down the proposal. He kept insisting and I tolerated him (error #1), he did so much for me, he was always willing to offer a hand when I needed it, I ignored the implications of allowing him to render such assistance to me (error #2). I was naive enough to believe he had gotten over me and he was now just being a brother (error #3). When I finally got back to my senses, I did not reason it out, I just told the brother to forget EVERYTHING (error #4). Though that was the right thing to do, the approach that I used was inconsiderate, selfish and ungodly.

Upon receiving counsel on the matter, the key lessons I got are that; us, ladies, should be the gate keepers of our hearts (counsel #1). We should be reserved in that, we ought to strike a balance between being too friendly and too harsh (counsel #2). When a brother offers to buy us stuff or to do something for us, upon considering the possible implications, we need to learn to say NO and actually mean it (counsel #3). If need be, we should rebuke in love or give blows that wound to heal (counsel #4). Being too nice and ignoring principle will only invite the devil to place in our lives the wrong 'Mr Right.' Above all we should seek to please God (1 Corinthians 10:31) and allow the Holy Spirit to be our faithful guide (counsel #5).

Sermon in Song

Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

The great lesson of FAITH I get from this song is that, though we live in this purely dark world, true godly faith enables us to see light with our hearts when ALL your eyes can see is darkness.

"Brethren, the Master will take care of the great light-house; let us keep the lower lights burning." ~ Dwight L. Moody

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Insightful Sabbath

Yesterday, we visited my brother's church. I had been there before but my memory wasn't clear on how we get to the church. We got off where my brother told us to get off, then we walked down the road hoping to meet someone who was going to church. We asked the first person we saw and she was clueless on where the church was, then we kept going down the road, then we met another lady, I was hesitant to ask her, but i asked her anyway and she told us she was actually on her way to church ~ AMEN!

Then after Sabbath, I asked my brother and his wife how they met. Their story was heartfelt, I could almost cry. What stood out for me was when he said all that happened was not planned, he was only following a path that God had paved for him. Their advice to my friends (Vimbai and Lisa) and I was that, we should have our trust firmly rooted in the Lord and how we must never circum to external pressures and influences. He also said that, they will come a time when people will constantly be reminding you on how loud your 'biological clock is ticking'  and the best solution (as rhetorical as it might sound) is to keep your mind fixed upon Jesus no matter what.

My brother is never the serious talk type, but at that moment he spoke to us like a father would to his only daughter. After that talk I felt as though God was speaking directly to me. He said everything that I needed to hear at that moment. The love, warm welcome,  and friendly gestures we received from them just testified to the fact that when God blesses you, he does it abundantly. All it takes is patience and the ability to hear and listen to God's voice.

Memories to be cherished:

I just had to take a picture of this. YES! women still do this and YES! out of their own freewill. If you love your wife as instructed in the bible, she will happily submit to you.
My beloved brother (Clifford Maposa) and I, deep in conversation.
I love him dearly.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The First Bible Study I Conducted

Today I conducted my first bible study *yay* usually I am that girl that just sits there and observes then comments or adds when need arises. My joy is filled, words can not explain how I am feeling right now. I am thankful to The Lord for allowing me the privilege to be a co-laborer in His vineyard. The words of Isaiah 61:10 "I delight greatly in The Lord; my soul shall be joyful in my God..." Have become a living testimony in my life.

Highlights from the study: the topic of study was the Sabbath, the aim for the study was to find out when the biblical Sabbath is, on which day of the week, where the Sabbath came from, why we need to keep the Sabbath and how we keep the Sabbath. Then other questions which arose during the course of the study were; where from the bible is it written that the seventh day is on a Saturday, why are there so many churches that worship on Sunday, what is considered as work when it comes to keeping the Sabbath and lastly do we even have to go to church, can't we just pray in our rooms or sleep on Sabbath.

It was a super interesting and informative study. The lessons I got from the study are that; we need to be able to defend our beliefs, be ready to give a reason why we keep the Sabbath and YES! know your HISTORY!!! When the brother asked how we know that the seventh day is on a Saturday or why there are so many churches that worship on Sunday, I could easily have answered them, but because I thought history was not necessary I did not have the facts on my finger tips. Another thing, encourage the person you are studying with to take down notes and verses from the study so that they can re-visit the lessons learnt. A BONUS engage the person you are studying with, ask them to read the verses, have a recap on regular intervals to ensure you are still together, and also allow them to ask questions.

Prayer Request: please may you pray for this brother, he has accepted the fact that The Lord requires us to keep His commandments and that the Sabbath commandment is equally as important, but he just wants The Lord to reveal to him that the biblical Sabbath, the seventh day referred in scriptures is on Saturday.

 True joy only comes from doing the work of The Lord!

Friday, 4 April 2014

And the count down Begins

I am super excited right now, YES! I can't wait to go HOME and finally be a stay-at-home daughter *yipeeee*

As I was going down memory lane, I realized I haven't actually been home full time in a long while. From the moment I started school, when I was 5 years, I have moved from one level to another without a single break. I was slowly becoming a visitor in my own home, neighborhood and church. More often than ever, when people would see me with my mom, they would be SHOCKED that my mother actually has a daughter (yes, it was that bad!). The most saddening part is that, the bond which is meant to exist between parents and their children was fast fading away. Email had become the most efficient mode of communication, even when I was home, I would literally wait for my parents to leave home for work then I send an email sharing my troubles, cares or joys.

Going home had become a burden, my spiritual life would suffer every time. It was as if vacation from school also meant vacation from my prayer and devotional life. I had no desire of making friends back home because I believed my life was in Cape Town. At church I always felt out of place because I wanted church to be like SDASM. At home I always had an issue with diet, instead of educating them I would throw tantrums and just not eat.

Upon reflection I realized the ONLY reason why I was feeling like that about home is that I was afraid of being DIFFERENT. Cape Town had become my comfort zone. I knew if I had a problem I would have people to run to, without being 'judged'. With dress or diet, I wouldn't feel awkward because a number of people share the same sentiments on the topics. I wasn't ready to stand for the TRUTH. I was afraid of being the LIGHT in the darkened world nor the SALT to the tasteless world. I was striving to follow God BUT at the same time not be set apart.

As I write this, I am not any different, the fear is still there. I have no clue how I will adjust or cope. The thought of leaving Cape Town, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, SDASM, is the most heartbreaking one I have ever had in a while. I just pray the Lord will give me STRENGTH and COURAGE to remain faithful and true to His word.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Moving Towards Biblical Womanhood

The value of women has come to be equated with their roles in the workplace. Little attention is paid to the kinds of accomplishment that the Word of God says women should aspire to (1 Timothy 5:10, 1 Timothy 2:11-13, Titus 2:3-5, Proverbs 31:10-31).

If you look around, no bouquets are handed out to women for being reverent and temperate, modest and chaste, gentle and quiet. Women are hardly ever applauded or noticed for loving their husbands and children, for keeping a well-ordered home, for providing hospitality, for going out door to door teaching and telling people about our soon coming Savior Jesus Christ and for carrying out acts of kindness.

I am saddened by the fact that, the roles of women in the home as daughters, sisters, wives and mothers are minimized, all in the name of 'bringing them greater fulfillment and freedom.' Women are no longer being regarded as bearers and nurturers of life, as caregivers, as those privileged to shape the character of the next generation.

It should come as no surprise that the secular world is confused about the calling of women. What I find more heart-BREAKING! is the rate to which the modern feminist movement is creeping into the Church.

Making it personal: Does the call to biblical womanhood have a place in your heart? If so, please be an example of a godly woman to the world and PRAY that others heed to the call too.

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