Monday, 14 April 2014

Avoid leading him on!

As life goes on, you start to learn more and more about responsibility and upon reflection I have realized my 'ignorance' (so to say) was affecting some certain individuals around me. My greatest error was to assume that everyone views life the way I do hence if I can't apologize for being wrong, then its just a shame on me!

Last month I wrote a post "It clouds her Judgement!" explaining how guys should never plan to win a lady's heart by buying her material possessions. This post will be focusing on why ladies should not accept 'gifts' from guys especially if they are aware that the brother has other intentions. (Based on my own personal experience)

A brother made known unto me his interests and I was sincere enough to put down the proposal. He kept insisting and I tolerated him (error #1), he did so much for me, he was always willing to offer a hand when I needed it, I ignored the implications of allowing him to render such assistance to me (error #2). I was naive enough to believe he had gotten over me and he was now just being a brother (error #3). When I finally got back to my senses, I did not reason it out, I just told the brother to forget EVERYTHING (error #4). Though that was the right thing to do, the approach that I used was inconsiderate, selfish and ungodly.

Upon receiving counsel on the matter, the key lessons I got are that; us, ladies, should be the gate keepers of our hearts (counsel #1). We should be reserved in that, we ought to strike a balance between being too friendly and too harsh (counsel #2). When a brother offers to buy us stuff or to do something for us, upon considering the possible implications, we need to learn to say NO and actually mean it (counsel #3). If need be, we should rebuke in love or give blows that wound to heal (counsel #4). Being too nice and ignoring principle will only invite the devil to place in our lives the wrong 'Mr Right.' Above all we should seek to please God (1 Corinthians 10:31) and allow the Holy Spirit to be our faithful guide (counsel #5).

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