Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Christian Walk in a Farewell Message

[A heartfelt farewell message from my very good university friend, my sister, my twin, my soon to be bridesmaid (God-willing)...]

So I realised that some-one very dear to me is leaving tomorrow/ if I'm not Oh bethuna time to say goodbye to Nontie Maposa

Somehow these days I'm inlove with summarising memories I have with people through picture collages.... Its time consuming but helps me reflect on the role a person has played in my life....

So here is a long summary public declaration of what you have been or meant to me Nontie for I have learnt to do this while people are alive as its no use saying all these things at funerals when the person doesn't even hear you or know how much of an influence they had on you so lol... here is a little what they would call "Funeral speech"

Our journey started in 2011 when we were both in first year. She stayed in Baxter hall and I in Tugwell (opposite reses) and we would go to verspers together and church together. We were those people who didn't know SDASM existed hence would go to Mowbray and we were in the same baptismal class with Elder Zuks... who hinted that there was something called Sdasm but still chose to keep us in his class...

Nontie and I have gone through our spiritual journey together and kinda progressing or growing at the same level. In 2011 we both got baptised in our respective churches, 2012 we joined SDASM UCT, and started our vegetarian journey... 2013 we started our full on health reformer journey struggling with not snacking yet ever interceding for each other to be faithful.... We also started our dress reform journey and decided..."No more braids" after much study helping each other on the night of the decision undo each other's yah nhe.... We also started to be serious bible students and studying our spirit of yah nhe and quotations, rebuking each other times /inlove/ started

Then 2014 we realised our call to witnessing and though we might be on different levels on this we are still advancing.

So when they say choose your friends wisely and the influence of friends in one's life, I truly understand...Our oneness in challenges we faced, in growth and just everything perharps even looks as some people would think we were twins, before Lisa came into the

Mara my prayer for you, Nontie Maposa is that you stay in the Lord and grow in the Lord... For if we don't meet on this earth again, I surely pray and hope to spend eternity with you in Heaven....I pray that God may help me be faithful in interceeding for you....

You are greatly loved and will be greatly missed..../sobbing/ Thank God for social networks... we will stay in touch and maybe I will come visit you in Zim too.... mmmmmh maybe nhe.... no promises lest I become like Ananias and Sapphirre...

mwaaaaaah.... Good-bye dinner at my place tonight before crusade... maybe 5pm and to confirm....mwah mwah mwh mwah

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