Tuesday, 29 April 2014

When the 'Priest' is Missing in Action :(

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow because some lessons in life are best learnt in pain. If ever there were days I wished my dad attended church, today exceeds every other one of those days. I wish I could say all this in his face, but I am just praying he will somehow blog 'stalk' me one of these good days or someone would be kind enough to send the link of this blog to him.

Background of the story: Every time we are in the car as a family (the five of us), there is always order, no one yells at anyone, no one raises their voice at anyone, no one will say anything that suggests that their opinion is superior to anyone else's. Basically there will be PEACE, respect and everyone will be sober minded (no unnecessary contributions).

Now whenever we are driving to and from church it's totally a different story. One would think since they are going to or coming from church their minds are more focused on Jesus than on any other occasion BUT yah neh... The devil is not playing, he is indeed searching for those he may devour.

Today I just couldn't take it anymore, I was trying by all means to remain silent, keep calm and just act as if I am not bothered but my tears saw it fit to just pour out at that very moment. The first thought that came to my mind was; "if only dad was here, all this wouldn't be happening ." The only thing I could say was "I am so telling dad!" The moment we got home and I heard his voice, all my sorrows went away, my tears vanished, my heavy heart became light and all was well again. I realized that; indeed the husband, in this case, the father is the house-band, he brings the family together by simply being there. He doesn't necessarily have to say or do anything, but his presence is sometimes all that counts.

I know God can see every tear pouring out from my eyes, I know He can hear my prayer and at His own timing He will intervene and turn everything around. It might take a few more tears, a few more days or months or years, but I have no doubt that I will one day look back and say "Thank you GOD!"

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