Sunday, 13 April 2014

Insightful Sabbath

Yesterday, we visited my brother's church. I had been there before but my memory wasn't clear on how we get to the church. We got off where my brother told us to get off, then we walked down the road hoping to meet someone who was going to church. We asked the first person we saw and she was clueless on where the church was, then we kept going down the road, then we met another lady, I was hesitant to ask her, but i asked her anyway and she told us she was actually on her way to church ~ AMEN!

Then after Sabbath, I asked my brother and his wife how they met. Their story was heartfelt, I could almost cry. What stood out for me was when he said all that happened was not planned, he was only following a path that God had paved for him. Their advice to my friends (Vimbai and Lisa) and I was that, we should have our trust firmly rooted in the Lord and how we must never circum to external pressures and influences. He also said that, they will come a time when people will constantly be reminding you on how loud your 'biological clock is ticking'  and the best solution (as rhetorical as it might sound) is to keep your mind fixed upon Jesus no matter what.

My brother is never the serious talk type, but at that moment he spoke to us like a father would to his only daughter. After that talk I felt as though God was speaking directly to me. He said everything that I needed to hear at that moment. The love, warm welcome,  and friendly gestures we received from them just testified to the fact that when God blesses you, he does it abundantly. All it takes is patience and the ability to hear and listen to God's voice.

Memories to be cherished:

I just had to take a picture of this. YES! women still do this and YES! out of their own freewill. If you love your wife as instructed in the bible, she will happily submit to you.
My beloved brother (Clifford Maposa) and I, deep in conversation.
I love him dearly.

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