Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monthly Review - April

My last month in Cape Town. Upon reflection, I can safely say I learnt a whole lot in these past few months that I was in Cape Town than I ever did in my three year academic life. I witnessed the Lord's hand at work, not a day went by without me having a place to sleep, food to eat and a shoulder to lean on when need arose.

1. I would like to thank God for His endless love, mercy and providence in my life.
2. I am thankful particularly for these three ladies (Lisa, Christine and Vimbai), who went out of their way to accommodate me, to ensure I was at home and for encouraging me when I was in my greatest distress.
3. I thank God for a brother, a friend, a spiritual mentor - Khobatha. He has always been there to listen, sympathize, advice, encourage, pray with and for me. He patiently read through my very long emails, made time to meet and chat with me even in times when he had a lot of school work to do. I learnt humility, patience, selfless-ness and true biblical manhood from his life and example. My prayer is for The Lord to extend his hand of mercy upon his life and bless him abundantly for all his good works.
4. I am thankful for the love and support I received from my Maposa family in Cape Town, Cliff and Jess, Gina and Prosper lastly Melvin and Mable.
5. I thank God for my sister Thandi Nkomo, even when she was not feeling well, she would care enough to just drop an email checking up on me. She has been a great source of encouragement socially and spiritually. Through her life and example I have learnt true biblical womanhood and endurance in times of distress.
6. I am extremely thankful for my SDASM family, the SDASM exec, it was a pleasure being part of the family of God. I enjoyed every moment serving as the vice-secretary. I will surely miss the 3-6 hour exec meetings. My prayers will forever be with you guys.
7. My friends outside SDASM, I thank you all for making my stay in Cape Town worthwhile, for the chill sessions, for the dinners and for just being there.

Expectations for May:

1. I am finally a "Stay at Home Daugther" yipeeee yay!!! *dream come true*
2. Theme for the month; embracing homemaking, cooking, baking and family life.
3. Deeper prayer life.
4. Book of the Month 'Testimonies to the Church volume 1' by Ellen G. White.
5. Memory Chapter of the Month Titus 2.
6. My transition to natural hair, I trimmed my hair after two months of not relaxing it, now I am considering to do the big chop, but still waiting on The Lord.

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