Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Demanding Little Idol

...called the 'Straight Hair' god!

For the past 21 years of my life, I have appeased this god with a daily offering of blow-dying, occasionally relaxing and spending precious hard earned money trying to hide it in hair extensions and weaves, all in the name of beauty. I devoted most of my prayer life to the desperate hope that there wont be 'bad' weather, that could possibly mess up my most cherished god. Wearing a scarf on was not an option least I end up looking like my grey-haired nanny.

Due to the common stereotypes, black hair is often perceived as a natural flaw instead of a unique attribute that is a characteristic of the black culture (I really wonder how God feels about that). When I used to relax my hair (2 months ago), it was ultimately because of convenience BUT deep down, at the core of me, I believed that natural hair was unattractive, unmanageable and definitely NOT my thing. There were no role models to convince me otherwise.

A sad reality is that, other cultures treat hair enhancement simply as accessories, something that is optional. Whereas, we treat hair enhancement and chemical alterations as needs, something we cannot function without. 

The pen of inspiration clearly states that, we should not have other gods (Exodus 20:3), but we find ourselves disregarding God's providences (our natural hair, among other things) and upholding our own definitions of beauty, myself included. If we are indeed preparing for Heaven, we need to start appreciating the way God created us by embracing simplicity of natural beauty, rather than the artificial and false.

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  1. What a convicting post! Definitely something to think about. It's funny how many "little" things we allow to take the place of valuable time with Christ. :) Thank you for the reminder.