Wednesday, 16 April 2014

YES! self MUST die!

Since Sabbath, the Lord has been humbling me, it has literally been one rebuke after the other. I have been hit hard BUT today's one is just out of this world and I really hope He will forgive me for my continued ignorance.

After seeing Lisa off, I met one of our flatmates. I used to occasionally chat with him, mostly when I would be doing dishes in the morning. Then he asked me, why I am always in the room and never come out to watch MOVIES with him. I just smiled and told him that 'movies are bad' and smiled again. He agreed and said BUT there are some movies that are not that bad, were you can actually learn something from them. Seeing that he was churchy, I then asked for lessons one can learn from movies that are not already in the bible. I explained that; okay, one scene of the movie is good, a family prays before they start eating, fair enough, but the next scene there are people killing each other or stealing or fornicating etc, in a way I am calling that which the Lord forbids entertainment.

Then the brother said he hadn't looked at it in that way, he was telling me how he loves God and wishes there was someone to do bible studies with him and how he is searching for the TRUTH. He went on telling me about how he prays everyday in the morning at 11am and 11pm, and how he carries his bible to work and reads it whenever he gets time but wishes there was someone who could explain somethings to him. What made me weep and sorrow for my dear soul, is when he told me, there were times when he wanted to ask me to pray with and for him, but I was either always in a hurry (to do what or go where, I don't know) or I had my 'don't talk to me face' on (I do that a lot, why? I don't know).

I was reminded of Matthew 25:42, 45 which says "For I was hungry and you didn't feed me. I was thirsty and you didn't give me a drink. I was a stranger and you didn't invite me into your home...I tell you when you refused to help the least of these brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me."

May God help us not to be passive instruments of the devil. If we truly love Jesus we should be ready in and out of season to feed his sheep (John 21:15-17). It's real saints, if we are not aggressively righteous then we are passively wicked.


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