Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hide Nothing from your Mom

Being the only daughter in my family, I never had to compete for my father's love. My dad hardly ever laid a hand on me (with exception of some extreme cases) neither did I ever get a NO for an answer. Not that I got all I asked for but sometimes he would just remain silent at my requests. He knew anything other than silence would get the best out of me #tears!My mom on the other hand would literally beat the living hell out of me. She was never scared of my tears, she was generous enough to use the rod when ever it was necessary. As a result I grew up closer to my dad than anyone else.

As childhood vanished and adulthood approached, I started to realize the importance of a mother. There were things I couldn't tell my dad, that if I had confided in my mom, I wouldn't have made some mistakes I made. My mom would always go on about how I should open up to her, and how she will not judge me but rather advice me in the way I should go. However all that went in through one ear and came out through the other.

From past experience, my advice to other daughters out there, my sisters and friends is:


"The moment a girl has a secret from her mother, or has received a letter she dare not let her mother read, or has a friend that her mother does not know, she is in danger. A secret is not a good thing for a girl to have. The fewer secrets that lie in the hearts of women at any age, the better. It is almost a test of purity. She who has no secrets of her own is best and happiest. In girlhood hide nothing from your mother. The girl who says frankly to her mother, "I have been there; met so and so; such and such remarks were made, and this or that was done," will be sure of receiving good advice and sympathy. If all was right no fault will be found. If the mother knows, out of her great experience, that something was improper or unsuitable, she will, if she is a good mother, kindly advise against it's repetition. You may not know, girls, just what is right or just what is wrong, yet. You can't be blamed for making little mistakes; but you will never do anything very wrong if from the first you have no secrets from your mother."

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