Thursday, 15 May 2014

Random Ramblings: Mini Marriages

From my general observations, I have noticed that many couples, even well-meaning ones, more often than ever end up in the premarital sex dilemma hence violating the 7th commandment (thou shalt not commit adultery ~ Exodus 20:14).

My question has always been: What went wrong? After preserving ones's purity all your life only to fall a few months, weeks or days prior to marriage. Why? Why? Why?

Not ignoring the great controversy between good and evil and the fact that the devil is exercising double powers to counter God's will. Another reason could be that, while courting or engaged, many people are already acting as if they are married. They place themselves in these "mini-marriages" and forget that they are not there yet. They are already calling each other 'hubby' or 'wifey', which makes it easier for them to fall into sexual sin.

The bible makes it clear in Ecclesiates that, there is a time for everything under the heavens - a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing (Eccles 3:5). It's very important to set physical boundaries, reserve your first kiss for your wedding and the rest for your honeymoon night. You have just but a lil time to WAIT and the REST of your lives together. You will NEVER regret keeping all you can for marriage.

In addition to physical boundaries, it is also wise to consider relational boundaries as well. My dearest sisters, LISTEN! and listen very CAREFULLY; this wonderful, God-fearing! Heaven sent, dream come true man you are about to marry and will soon become the leader of your home is NOT your husband yet. You are not called to submit to him or be his helpmeet until you become his wife. And my brothers don't expect her to be playing wife before she is your wife, if ever you wish that she practices being a good wife, pray that she does so at the feet of Jesus.

Fornication will not change it's meaning because you guys are about to get married. A kiss whether on your first date or on the night before you are married is still fornication. God will never lower His standards to accommodate us for He has given us enough power to get there.

Moral of the story: while courting or engaged, REMEMBER!!! that you aren't married yet and don't act as if you are.


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