Sunday, 22 June 2014

Keep your child on a Leash!

He 'snitched' on me!

One of the reasons I decided to be a stay at home daughter was to spend enough time with my family, learning of each one's strengths, tolerating their weaknesses and enjoying the bonds of a small, close family unit. So far I can testify to this being one of the best decisions I ever made in my life, being an aspiring wife, mother, homemaker (among other things), I have learnt a great deal from my parent's marriage and how they relate to each other and to us. I remember not so long ago, telling my dad that I don't ever want to get married (this was after seeing the miserable living conditions of most marriages of today), but today I say, if marriage is going to be exactly as the one I live under, I will wait patiently for that day when the Lord unites me with my Adam. 

Background: He 'snitched' on me as the sub-title implies, so this is what happened: last Sabbath after the morning services I went over to my friend's place for lunch. My mom and her singing group had been invited to minister in song the whole day at another church, so I couldn't tell her about my lunch plans. Anyway so I spent the rest of the day catching up with my friends (in the Lord), then they dropped me off at home afterwards, as instructed by their mom. When we got to my home, my dad got out of the gate while we were still saying bye to each other. Then my two friends got out of the car to greet him and I introduced them to him. We said our final goodbyes then I went into the house. I was expecting him to ask where I had gone to and what we spent the whole afternoon doing but he never asked (in my head I screamed VICTORY! finally off the leash). The following day after breakfast, my mom asked exactly what I thought my dad would ask the previous night. I thought, yea, RIGHT! he 'snitched' on me alright! then I told her everything and her response was, "okay, next time just give us a heads up before you go anywhere." Now I know that the 'little' things do matter, what one parent knows the other will know, what one parent doesn't address the other will and most importantly COMMUNICATION is key!

Moral of the story: While the Bible does not go into detail outlining exactly how each parent-child problem is dealt with, it does offer general guidelines that enable one to find through their application the right direction.

One such guideline is suggested in Luke 2:51, a direct statement of the condition existing in the family of Jesus Christ. The passage reads, "And he went down with them and came to Nazareth and he was subject to them". The "he" in the passage was Jesus and the "them" was Mary and Joseph. The broad principle illustrated in this passage teaches that parents are given by God the authority to direct, guide, teach and discipline their children. If the son of God accepted the authority of earthly parents how much more ought the sons and daughters of men be under the authority of their parents.

The next principle illustrated by this statement in Luke shows that children are to accept their direction and to be subject to their parents.

To provide that direction for their children, parents must take the job of being parents seriously. Being a parent is much more than fulfilling a biological function. It means being concerned about every aspect of the child's growth and development. It means caring where the child is and who his friends are. It means knowing his interests and encouraging right and proper ones and discouraging - even forbidding - those that are inappropriate or dangerous. For a parent to say "I can't do anything with my child" is an admission of "I don't know how to be a parent".

I am super grateful for my godly parents and for the wisdom they are impacting on us daily. I pray The Lord will one day bless me with a marriage like my parent's or even better. To many parents (or future parents) out there, being a parent is neither easy nor difficult but SERIOUS! There certainly isn't a one way approach to successful parenthood but you can be assured of VICTORY! if much time is spent at the foot of the cross learning of the wondrous love of Jesus.


  1. Hi Nontie! I love the new layout and picture on your blog! I also love how you are so willing to learn from your parents and are exhibiting such beauty in the process! Just like when we are young and accept the direction of our parents, when we humbly accept God's guidance we are truly showing wisdom. Blessings to you! Joan

  2. Hey Joan :) thanks a lot for the compliments and such kind words of encouragement. Stay blessed and Remain in The Lord!!!!!

    Double blessings...x

  3. Absolutely! Great post. :-)

    1. Thanks Laurie :) To God be the glory!

  4. Great post. I am a struggling great grandmother raising a 4 year old. It's a challenge and so much different to my kids and grandkids. A whole different experience........keep him on a leash. Yes. but how...........I have to relearn everything. I have Faith and I did enjoy this post

    1. Hey Janice... Where there is a will there is a way. I am happy you have Faith, I believe that Faith will take you to greater heights. I pray all will be well with you and your great grandchild. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Stay blessed and remain in The Lord :)