Monday, 30 June 2014

Monthly Review - June

A.K.A - 'The Campaign!'

Staying at home only gets better! Spending time with family is a blessing beyond measure, I now understand why God decided to have us all in small family units instead of just having one gigantic family. My lil brother and I have this new thing called 'the campaign' to see who will be the favourite child of the year (but our parents know nothing about it). We make sure we're always at our best behavior and when my mom wants something done we both jump at it. As much as this seems like a game or joke, it has made us closer to our parents and always willing to be at their service. In times like these, when the great tempter is working to destroy families, we should aim to do all it takes to maintain the love and unity in our families (and make sure you're having fun while you're at it).

My lil brother (Mandla) and I

Besides our 'crazy-fun & serious' campaign, June was again a good month. The Lord has been faithful. I pray for continued strength as we journey heavenward. 

Expectations for July *excited*

JULY! is a special month - Yes! I am a July baby and so is my dear sister. I am not really a birthday person but this time around I am pretty much excited about it. It's going to be my CROWN birthday *yipeeeeeeeee yay*

In 22 days, I will be turning 22, on the 22nd of July!

I have waited a life time to say that line.

I wish you all a happy July! May our loving and most gracious Father continue to shower His blessings on our lives and may we be drawn closer to Him through all our experiences, good or not so good ones as well.

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