Saturday, 31 May 2014

Monthly Review - May

Stay at Home Daughterhood!

May was my first full month as a stay at home daughter. I thought, as many would assume, being home, just being home, would be super boring, the days would drag, I won't have much to do and would probably spend most of my day SLEEPING! (not that sleeping is a bad thing, I wouldn't mind really). But by God's grace my testimony is a different one, serving my family at home has proven to be the best opportunity I could ever dream of. I have learnt to derive true happiness from cooking, BAKING (Yes! I love baking now, vegan friendly stuff only), doing laundry (yes! hand washing), ironing, cleaning the house (with the aid of nice godly music, it doesn't seem as much work anymore), feeding and playing with our puppies, and many other random stuff. I have so many things to thank God for, but I will just list a few:

1. Birthday thanksgiving: we celebrated my older brother and my mom's birthdays. 
2. My mom got me a kitchen blender for her birthday, now I just wonder what I will get for my birthday *excited*
3. Wedding anniversary: my parents have been married for 24 years now!!! *whoop whoop*
4. We did our first Sabbath School presentation as a family, which led to my newly discovered talent/spiritual gift - public speaking *yay*
5. Family oriented month. Grateful for the wonderful, AWESOME gift of family. #HumblyMaposa!

Expectations for June:

1. Book of the Month - continuing with Testimonies to the church vol 1.
2. Chapter of the Month - Job 1
3. Theme for the Month - improved interactions with other people i.e  making new friends.
4. Prayer focus - marriaged and courting people, my future hubby (shame, it's been a while since I last prayed for him, I hope he is well wherever he is).

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