Sunday, 8 June 2014

Natural Remedy: Tried and tested!

Finger Millet Porridge!

Finger Millet also known as Rapoko or Zviyo in Shona, is a big part of many rural homes' diet. It is scientifically one of the most nourishing grains in Africa. Though not proven scientifically, finger millet is believed to be more nutritious compared to maize meal.

Now on to the real deal behind this post!

Finger millet, is an excellent remedy for tummy problems, eating a meal with finger millet will help you feel better. 

Now to my sisters who have menstrual pain issues, eating finger millet porridge regularly will help make the pains disappear, YES! like completely go away, even the minor pains (talking from experience). You don't have to eat it everyday, in my case, as per family tradition we have it every Sunday, so just once a week is fine. 

It is also a good source of dietary fiber among other benefits. BUT yeah my sisters please do take note, pills only help relieve pain for that moment, the next minute it's back to square one or rather zero. 

Happy Cramp-free Months!



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