Thursday, 31 July 2014

Are you really a Christian?

A preacher once asked the question - How many of you are Christians? Seeing that we were in church everybody raised up their hands. Then he asked a follow up question - How many of you didn't sin during the week? It was obvious enough that we all had, so no one raised up their hand. Then he narrowed it down to the last 24hours, still nobody raised their hand. The preacher then asked for our understanding of the term Christian - we all agreed that a Christian referred to someone who was Christ-like. He then asked if Christ ever sinned - we all confidently said NO! Then he said if a Christian is someone who is Christ-like and Christ never sinned, how can we call ourselves Christians yet we persist in our sins?

He asked us to turn our bibles to 1 John 3:1-10 (please may you read those verses for yourself) I will just quote verses 8 & 9 here: 

"He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin; for his seed remains in him: and he can not sin, because he is born of God."

From those verses we learn that, there is no such a thing as a Christian living in sin. If you sin then don't call yourself a Christian. 

In closing I would like to leave you with a quotation from the book 'Selected Message, Vol 3' by Ellen G. White:

"This goody-goody religion that makes light of sin and that is forever dwelling upon the love of God to the sinner, encourages the sinner to believe that God will save him while he continues in sin and he knows it to be sin. This is the way that many are doing who profess to believe present truth. The truth is kept apart from their life, and that is the reason it has no more power to convict and convert the soul. There must be a straining of every nerve and spirit and muscle to leave the world, its customs, its practices, and its fashions.... – {3SM 155.1}
If you put away sin and exercise living faith, the riches of heaven’s blessings will be yours." – {3SM 155.2}

Oh, to be like Jesus more!

Wishing you all a blessed new month ahead :)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Brain Dump Wednesday: What's on my mind?

This is a typical random ramblings post. I'm up at 2am, a bit hungry - meaning sleep ain't gna happen any time soon but I sure hope my hunger will be gone by the time I'm done because I'm definitely not going to be that child that never wants to eat during meal times but wakes up early mornings to make food.

Towards the end of April I came back home with the mind of being a full time stay at home daughter with the hope to make up for all those years I was in boarding school and at college. Then, I would come home for a month at most at least three times a year and literally be a couch potato. I wouldn't watch much television but I would spend hours on the phone - my typical punishment was getting my cellphone privilege taken away. I did no work around the house I hid behind my books - cooking, laundry, baking, cleaning - none of that! I was pretty much a tomboy, I hated all that girls were expected to love. Even now being all girly ain't natural to me - make up, handbags (I do sling bags at least), heels, dressing up (I at least put effort now), showing emotions (I suck at this, I often tell my friends that I'm not romantic but a close friend assured me that it will change once I get a hubby - only time will tell).

However, one woman trait that didn't skip me is crying, this is normally when I have to leave home. I cried on my first day of pre-school, primary school, the first four years of high school, all my three years of college, more tears expected when I have to give up being a MAPOSA (if the Lord won't be here by then). The thought of marriage makes me sigh, I sometimes wonder if I will give up my surname or just add my hubby's one after mine. I wonder if I would be able to sacrifice or pray as much as my mom does. I wonder if my hubby would be able to love me and treat me the way my dad does to my mom. And our children, with the way I enjoy crying will I be able to stop that baby from crying? My mom told us that my older brother would cry so much, so much so that, she would join him - I see myself doing that too. Oh hubby, I hope you will be able to handle us both! 

Back to being a stay at home daughter, I am grateful that I got this opportunity to serve my family at home. It has been such a great pleasure. In these few months I have learnt a lot of life time lessons from cooking, baking, gardening, cleaning the house, cooking with fire in a smokey hut kitchen, laundry - hand washing, loving and caring for others, tolerating your loved ones, knowing when to remain quiet (I was once a word vomit master), reading for knowledge not just to get by tests and exams, and many others. I have had days when I was just over being home, when I just wanted to stay in bed all day, when I thought this staying at home thing ain't for me and there are some days when I wish I could stay home until marriage then be a homemaker until Jesus comes. But as my prayer is daily - for not my will but God's will to be done.

I know that just sounded like a 'funeral speech' - as if my stay at home daughter days are over and I am now reflecting on them. (Disclaimer: they aren't over yet but will soon be.)

A few days back, I received an email saying I had been accepted into Law School for my postgraduate degree. Instead of being happy I was on a super low mood - I bet God was just like this ungrateful child. I don't know how my brain functions sometimes, maybe a lil slow to digest stuff, but by God's grace I got over myself. Now I'm a lot thrilled to go back to school. I can't wait for our great day of reunion with - the super thick books, long hours of study, all-nighters, deadlines, group-study dates, non-existent social life, 'thank God it's Friday' moments, and many more happy days in Law School. 

Whaaaaaaaat? it's 05:42 now! I can't believe I have been up for a lil less than 4 hours doing a whole bunch of NOTHING! I sure hope I will be able to do the same in Law School. Oh and Yes! my hunger is gone.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Throwing a fit at God!

We do it all the time.

When things don't go as we would have hoped, very few actually praise God  and thank him for our misfortunes. Instead we throw a fit at God - we stop praying and studying our bibles. We often say to our little ones, 'you get what you get and don't throw a fit' how about we lead by example in that hour of discouragement, trial or affliction.

Are you undergoing trials? Is the Christian life getting harder and harder? Does it appear as though God is giving you the silent treatment? I have often found myself throwing tantrums at God BUT  experience has taught me that, it's at our moment of great disappointment that divine help is nearest. Giving up on God at such a time is the worst thing you want to do!

Our lives are much like construction sites, but instead of seeing signs that say "men at work" we see the sign "God at work." God is always present but in times of trouble or need He is 'very present!' He will place barriers to prevent you from going over a cliff or making a bad decision. He will create a mudslide of events that will have you on a fast slope that seemingly leads to nowhere, only to have you standing somewhere thinking, "Wow! That's my God."

God through his word uses a beautiful analogy that He is the potter and we are the clay. "As the clay is in the potter's hands so are you in My hand." Jeremiah 18:6 - a beautiful pot is made by shaping clay into a vessel and then refining it in fire until it is purified and hardened. Only then is it worth of use. 

Moral of the story: We must show a firm, undeviating trust in God. Often He delays to answer us in order to try our FAITH or test the genuineness of our desire. Having asked according to His word, we should believe His promise and press our petition with the determination that we will not be denied. God doesn't not say; ask once and you will receive. He bids us ask. Unwearingly persist in prayer. The persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude, and gives him an increased desire to receive the things for which he asks. Christ said to Martha at the grave of Lazarus, "If thou wouldst believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God." (John 11:40).

Friday, 18 July 2014

Guest Post: Where’s my Boaz?

This post draws it's origin from the verse; He who finds  a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from The Lord (Proverbs 18:22), not the other way round as is common in this day. The aim is to encourage my sisters to be content with where God has placed them and STOP chasing men or dressing/behaving a certain way so they could be wife-d.
It amazes me as to how so many people (both men and women) see the Bible as being outdated when it comes to relationships. Women like to quote the famous Biblical relationship of Ruth and Boaz. 

All it takes is one look at Facebook or Twitter and women are screaming out “Where is my Boaz?”  I would like to set the record straight on this one and bring some light to Boaz that most women seem to miss. 

Ruth was not running around town looking for a Boaz. Boaz was a man that respected Ruth, and since he was man he made provisions for her. Boaz was a real man, he saw something  he liked.  He did not run Ruth down and tell her to turn around and twerk something so he could see what she was working with, he did not pressure her to have sex, and he did not disrespect her in any way shape or form. 

Therefore my question to you, women, are you behaving like a Ruth in order to get your Boaz? Or are you looking, chasing, and hunting down every and any man that blinks an eye at you in order to make him into your Boaz?  

In Isaiah 4:1 it states “In that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, ‘Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won't be mocked as old maids.’" 

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think this day is the day. This does not mean that all women are wondering around trying to be in a polygamist marriages. But how many women out there are settling for less? 

Let me give you concrete examples just so you can see what I mean. 

How many women that know a man is married, has a girlfriend, or multiple girlfriends, continue trying to be in a relationship with him and convince him that she is the one?

How many women go out and work all day and all night, while a man sits in their house eats up all the food, and does nothing. Just for the sake of saying she has a man. 

How many women are getting older and because they are scared of what other people might say or growing old alone, they settle for any man that comes along?

Now I asked you, to revisit the Bible verse again, and tell me that we are not living in “that day.”  In this day and age, it has become customary and acceptable for women to chase men down, and the man does not have to do any real work. It has actually come to the point where men expect it. 

Instead of women clinging to the traditional values and reading the Bible as to what it actually says about a Godly man. Women just find any man and try to make him “the one.”  

This is faulty thinking, not only is it faulty thinking but it will lead you into an unfulfilled relationship.  If a man truly wants to be with you, then he will. Not only will he be with you, but he is going to try to do everything in his power to show you that you are it. Like Ruth, it is not going to take much effort on your part for this to happen. 

The only thing you have to do is be yourself, get yourself together, and be the type of women a good man wants to be with. If you are confused about what type of woman that is, it is simple. Open up your Bible, and all those things that it says to do. Follow it. This does not mean that you will be perfect, but things such as dressing appropriately, being a good person, staying humble, and preparing yourself to be a Godly wife are included in that list. 

When you truly become a women of God, chasing a man is not going to be your primary agenda.  You will be content in trusting God and content in understanding that the person God has for you will find you. 

Moral of the story: Trust God. Trust Him to be the matchmaker. He knows you better than you know yourself and His choice for you, is better than what you could ever try to chase down on your own.  

This post was written by - Sophia Reed a single mother of one.  She has a Master’s in marriage and family therapy and is working on her PhD.  Sophia loves to combine her education and experiences with her Christian values.  She maintains a blog at 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

If God is for us...

Water Bill Episode 2

Last month I wrote a post about how our water bill suddenly went up from $25 to $732 in three months and how they wanted to cut off our water supply. Click here to read more about this.

Anyway so today a man rang the intercom and lied that he wanted to take our water meter reading. I opened up the gate for him then he gave me a note saying he had to disconnect our water supply because we owe $569. I explained the drama that happened last month but he wouldn't listen. We then called my mom, she spoke to him but he still didn't care to listen. Then my dad said he was on his way home. The guy waited for less than 5 minutes then he insisted on cutting off the water supply because he had many other houses to go to. I was about to loose it, so I prayed that the Lord would keep me cool, calm and collective, I politely told him to do whatever he had to do and leave. Then he did what he did on the meter with such a big smile on his face - what arrogance! I just had no words for him, I just told him that 'God will fight for us and I hope he feels good about himself.' Then the man left with such a joyous spirit. I was so over him, if I had a brick close by, I promise I was going to throw it at him. 

However before I got back into the house something just told me to open the tap. Lo and behold, water came out. I left it running for a while thinking it was just water left in the pipes. I went to check if the borehole was turned on but it wasn't.

Moral of the story: Though the gates of hell will attack they will not prevail. Injustice may befall God's faithful children but goodness and mercy will always follow them (Psalm 23:6). God does answer prayers. I said 'God will fight for us' not thinking he would actually do it there and then. I don't know what happened but we still have our water supply on. God doesn't change, we can still have a 'Moses and the rock' experience even today but the difference is that the water will now be coming out of the tap.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Guest Post: An Appeal to the Ladies

From the very onset, the writer wants to make it clear that this is not an attempt to promote women ordination or other such kindred errors. Rather, this compilation springs from a realization of the supposed lack of interest among a significant number of ladies within Adventism, with respect to religious things; and particularly, a lack of interest in the prophetic themes of the Word of God which have been given for both young and old to become wise unto salvation. This compilation serves as an encouragement to the ladies in the church, both young and old, that the Lord does acknowledge you, and would have you reach a high standard and do a mighty work, if you will to take the place set for you in the order of God.

Exodus 15:20-21 "And Miriam the PROPHETESS, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances. And Miriam answered them, Sing ye to the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea. Mic 6:4 For I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of the house of servants; and I sent before thee Moses, Aaron, and MIRIAM."

1. Miriam, a woman, was set as a prophetess by the Lord. She worked for the Lord, she prophesied, she taught within her proper sphere. This is a demonstration that ladies need not be indifferent with regards to religion, even if society may be tending in that direction.

2 Kings 22:14 "So Hilkiah the priest, and Ahikam, and Achbor, and Shaphan, and Asahiah, went unto Huldah the PROPHETESS, the wife of Shallum the son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe; (now she dwelt in Jerusalem in the college;) and they communed with her."

2. Another example of a woman of God was Huldah, who have instructions to God's people in Judah. She was intricately connected to the educational work in Israel, and she worked to preserve the Lord's standard of dress being a keeper (or guardian ) of the wardrobe in Jerusalem. So may the ladies in this generation work to promote and uphold the blueprint of true education from the Word of God, and principles of modesty from the same. It is possible now, as it was then for young and old to break the infatuating spell of fashion, and adhere to principles of simplicity which characterize true women of Christ in reflection of their Savior (see: 2 Corinthians 11:2, 3).

Joel 2:28 "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions"

3. Even ladies are promised to receive the Holy Spirit, and they too can be enabled to prophesy - to understand prophetic themes, contrary to the idea that seems to be pervading the church, that prophecy is only for men. But no justification for this premise finds place in the inspired Word of God.

Act 9:36 "Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this WOMAN was FULL OF GOOD WORKS and almsdeeds which she did."

4. Here's an example of a lady who was full of good works - she exhibited the character of Christ. At times, ladies may feel it is too great a burden, or an impossibility to live out God's ideal of womanhood, but child like faith in examples as such set by Dorcas would prove otherwise to a willing individual.

Proverbs 31:1 "The words of king Lemuel, the PROPHECY THAT HIS MOTHER TAUGHT HIM."

5. Women are used by God to teach the prophetic word as well. It may not be on the sacred desk, but the Word shows that teaching need not be limited to the pulpit. The work of evangelism does not end with church presentations, rather, the greater work lies in the homes, with the employment of other lines of the work such as Medical Missionary work, publishing, true education, and present truth Bible studies.


Moral of the story: If you consider yourself young, or even if you don't, God has encouragement for you. Don't let peer pressure hinder you from being a true Christian. In many instances, influences to do evil or to be lax in morals or to be indifferent with regards to gaining a deeper knowledge of the prophetic word, emanates from the choice of associates. Break the cords that'd hold you back from a necessary preparation for eternity.   Be loving, be pure; stand for principle, study the more sure word of prophecy. The time is short, and the Sunday law crisis is soon in coming which will show whether we were building on the sand or on the solid Rock. Both males and females will have to face the crisis. Jesus will then come to render to every man and woman according as their works shall be. May nothing or no one stop you from getting the necessary preparation for the crisis - a Christlike character, and a deep knowledge of prophetic messages of these last days.  God has not changed, He can work for you and with you to be a holy woman fashioned after the divine similitude. And if you allow Him, you will be a living testimony to the power of God to save from sin.

*** This post was written by a good friend of mine who insisted on remaining anonymous. However I would like to thank him for such a profound contribution. The Lord really did speak to me, I am one of those who struggle with prophecy - Daniel and Revelation are not my favourite books but I pray The Lord will see me through this weakness. ***

God Bless Y'all!!!!

The Woman That Inspires Me!

Earlier this year we had an all-ladies talk session at church and one of the questions asked was "tell us something about a woman that inspires you and why?" But ladies being ladies, time ran out before we could do justice to the question. So I decided I would answer it here - Yay!

I first met her in April 2013 at a youth camp meeting where her husband was one of the guest speakers. I never got the chance to talk to her but I loved her even before I knew much about her - love at first sight (lol). What caught my attention was her dressing, how she dressed her children and how her hubby would randomly ask her to confirm a verse, a quotation or their life experience. I was inspired to study more on dress and conduct, I realized your dressing says a whole lot about you before you even open your mouth.

A few months down the lane, we met again at a youth week of spiritual emphasis which her husband was conducting. This might sound a lil stalker-ish but I noticed every time we sang the theme song just before her hubby stood up to preach, he would knee and pray and she, on the other hand, would also pray (well at least she appeared as if she was - TBC) but I thought this was super sweet!

A bit after that I remember inbox-ing her on Facebook telling her how loud her silent sermons were and how thankful and encouraged I was. We started talking more via email and whatsapp until I finally got the guts to 'adopt' her as my sister. Since then she has been the sister I never had.

Now on to why she inspires me. I could write a book on this but will just mention the highlights: she is one of the few practical examples of the biblical Titus 2 wife and mother! that I know. She is all natural; make-up, relaxed hair - none of that. She is an educated keeper at home, a home educating mom of two, a loving and submissive wife. She also cares a lot about people. Oh and Yes! She is a very STRONG woman, you will never hear her whining and complaining about her misfortunes. I could go on and on but yeah...

I love her so much. My hope, prayer and wish is for us to one day be re-united, if not on this earth then in heaven. Re-united to never part again. To spend eternity together. Oh, how I long for that day!

Wishing you a Blessed Birthday 
sis Thandie!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My First Love - My Hero!

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. No doubt the most talked about person on this blog is my dad. Yes! you're right, I am daddy's lil girl - in it's literal sense. 

Anyway I just came across a conversation I had with my dad two years back when I was in my second year of University. I was telling him about how I wanted to stay over in Cape Town for the June vacation and how I would be staying with a friend. I said all this with so much confidence thinking, Yes! the man will definitely let me stay over since this friend of mine was a girl and I thought I had all my facts right.

Lo and behold, I got an unexpected response. I don't remember how I reacted to it then but now as I read it, it just spells out LOVE! This is what he said to me:

"Not so fast. We need to discuss all these options before you go ahead and confirm anything. For starters, I don't know who this friend is and her background. We need to work out how we can get to know her. Clearly, I know you might feel offended that we are treating you like a child, but consider our side of the story as well. Remember you are the ONLY daughter we have and I would hate to see you falling into the wrong crowd. I know we will not always be there to protect you, but for as long as we can we will make all the effort to minimise the risk."

Oh, what manner of LOVE! - The man just makes me melt, his love inevitably makes me want to be the best daughter I can be. It makes me super submissive to him. I don't wish to have the 'freedom' that many of my age mates have, only God knows where I would be if I was left to do as I please. 

If my earthly father can love me this much, how much more of our Heavenly Father. Many view God's law as too restrictive, but all God wishes for, is our well being and he will do anything to minimize any risk of us being eternally lost. If only we would look at God's word from his eye of love, I believe none will be lost. We would all be striving to do His will in all aspects of life. 

Oh Lord, teach us to love you!

Why I wouldn't have my male friends visit me?

Family background: before you think I am sexist or anything random like that, please bare in mind I am my father's only daughter, my mother's only side kick, my brothers' only sister. In my immediate Maposa clan there are only two girls and a gazillion boys, making me the only other niece and the oldest one for that matter. If you haven't already worked out the Math, that just spells out - Over Protection at it's highest degree! And guess what? I totally understand, in fact, I would be worried if I had it any other way.

Past experience: Once upon a time I had a friend visit me, it was some time around mid-day so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. Then my dad came back home and found me talking to this friend; firstly he was a guy, secondly he had a car , thirdly I was meant to be studying for my final exams and here I was busy messing around outside the gate with a BOY! I can't even imagine what was going through my dad's mind. Surprisingly enough, he didn't say anything to me but that night my older brother and my mom had a billion questions to answer of something they didn't know about. I got the longest lecture ever from my mom, my dad didn't talk to me for a month or so, though it was an innocent visit I decided NEVER again will I allow such!

That experience made me want to be super transparent to my family. I tell my parents everything. Yes! even about that guy trying to make a move. Crazy huh? The craziest was when I cc-d my dad in an email conversation of a guy who unbearably thought I was his wife yet he had no guts to talk to my father and Yes! Daddy didn't disappoint - he never does! My little brother literally knows every detail of my life (by default). His daily routine - before he goes to school he takes my iPad checks my email and Facebook to see who I was talking to and about what, after school he does the same thing and randomly during the day. Funny enough, I don't mind! I have nothing to hide.

Warning to Future Hubby: We are definitely not going to have a secret affair. It's not possible. Flirting, dirty talk, touching, hugging - none of that. Your visits to my parent's house - our home, will not be unannounced. Please please please before you come to me may you kindly go to my father first - he is not scary, he is unlike most fathers, he is a cool and very quiet guy, ONLY if you have pure motives because he is also a no nonsense guy. How to do that? - Only God can show you!

My male friends - if you want to see me, we will meet at church. I will definitely be there every Sabbath, the whole day even. If you want to come to my house then bring along a whole bunch of girls - avoiding any appearance of evil. In exceptional cases arrangements can be made - please don't use this against me!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Keep the Faith!

This is a testimony more than anything else. I always used to say 'God is faithful even in our unfaithfulness' but never really knew what that meant practically.

Background: The past few days, I was in a serious spiritual battle and I was definitely hitting on the downfall button. Not ignoring the great controversy, the best reason I could come up with was the 'negative' or better still, the not so encouraging words certain individuals would vomit in my presence. 'Oh yeah you don't do hugs' had/has become the new 'Hey Nontie, how are you doing?' or comments about my head covering, my diet, my not wearing pants or my not having a boyfriend, among other things. These all seem like petty issues but to a very sensitive person they can be a big deal. 

I would pray day and night asking God to help me not be discouraged. I realized people will always have something to say and many at times, some don't even care to consider the impact caused on the next person. I just wanted to keep my eyes on Jesus but that seemed a lot difficult. I couldn't take it anymore. Amidst the great cloud of confusion the Lord reminded me of the experience of Saul prior to his conversion. Jesus said in Acts 9:16 concerning Saul - "I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.” From this I learnt that following Christ does not come with a promise of prosperity. The moment one makes a decision to follow Christ, it may only be God who understands you. The journey heavenward is not all roses, we will meet many obstacles, but like the saints of old we ought to always keep the faith. Our focus should not be on what people say or think but on what the word of God says.

Disclaimer: this is not to imply that those who follow Christ will never have ups in their lives but as one preacher once said 'prosperity can never be a distinction between the righteous and unrighteous but it is through fire that the righteous are tested' (see: Revelation 3:18).

Moral of the story: 

My prayer and hope is for these words (like Paul) to one day be our words - 

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all of them also that love his appearing."

2 Timothy 4:7-8

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Just One More Year!

The parable of the fruitless fig tree examined! (reference: Luke 13:6-9)

Side-note: After going through this parable, I was led to research more about fig trees and I found out that; some fig trees produce fruit the same year they are planted, some even a multiple times in a year and what stood out for me was that they produce fruit before leaves.

Now on to the parable; before this man planted the vineyard, allow me to assume, he considered the best soil, when he was choosing the fig tree, he must have selected the best tree. He invested all his resources on the vineyard, he was expecting fruits and was confident that he will get fruit. For a good 3 years he patiently waited for the tree to produce fruit. I can only imagine the disappointed hopes at the end of the 3years. He then saw it fit that the tree be cut down because it had not only become a burden to the ground but also a decided hindrance. 

To bring it back home, in the bible God's people are refered to as trees of righteousness planted off The Lord. God has invested all for our salvation, He gave up heaven's best - Jesus, He offered the Holy Spirit to lead us into righteousness, hoping we would produce fruit.

Question: How long has The Lord been coming to you for fruit and found none? 

Many of us grew up in good Christian homes, in well-ordered spiritual environments, with bible stories, with family worship, with a praying mother and father. God gave us the best opportunities to be the most powerful Christians then he came year after year looking for fruit only to find none. God then said to our heavenly gardener - Jesus; "cut it down" but Jesus responded saying Lord you are right but give it 'just one more year.'

Many of us think we've TIME, we will change later, we're not ready to give up this and that to make our ways right with God, we think God will understand - it's just one sin, or it's not sin anymore everyone is doing it, we think hours of probation are on holiday BUT how do you know this year isn't your "one more" year?

Moral of the story: Jesus is willing to increase the attention He gives you, He wants to fertilize your life with Christian friends, He wants to water you with His righteousness. He is prepared to "dig about" and "dung" you (Luke 13:8). The question I want to leave for you to ponder upon is 'Will you let Him?"

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why people don't do what's Right?

The experience of Jesus when he was brought before Pilate (reference: Luke 23). Pilate examined Jesus and was convinced of his innocence. Though he knew the right thing to do was to release Jesus, he did not do it.

1. Knowledge - Many of us, though we know the right thing to do, we simply opt to do the opposite maybe because it is popular or because everyone else expects us to do it. However some don't do what's right because they don't know the right thing to do. Acts 17:30 tells us that God winks at the time of this ignorance. 

Pilate did not only have the knowledge but had the DESIRE to do what was right. Some of us, though  we many have the knowledge of the right we don't have the desire to do the right. Let's bring it back home: 

2. Desire - Many know the seventh day is the true bible Sabbath, they know that they shouldn't be doing certain things before marriage, they know certain foods do more harm than good to our body temples, but they do the wrong things anyway simply because they don't have the desire to do what's right. 
Some may say, we have tight schedules, we don't have time to study our bibles, to evangelize, to spend with our families but lo and behold, when we do have time we spend it doing everything else except the things we complain on not having time to do. What this communicates to me is; the issue is not TIME it is DESIRE.

Acts 3:13 tells us that Pilate did not only have the knowledge and desire to do what was right, he was also determined to do it.

3. Determination - In the book 'Steps to Christ' by 'Ellen G. White' she says, many will be lost with the desire and determination to be Christians. In other words, the road to hell is paved with good intensions. Let's bring it back home, after a hard sermon or a deep bible study, many of us go home with the intension to change our lives. We hope to give up this and that. We are determined to live according to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God BUT the saddest reality is that, many of us will be lost for not doing the right thing.

John 19:10 says that Pilate openly admitted in the face of Jesus that he had the power to either crucify him or release him BUT he still did not do the right thing.

4. Power - Many of us think we can resist evil in our own power. We think we are now too holy and good for the devil to reach us. We don't realise the power of sin. Some of us even think we know better than God, we disregard some parts of the bible, we are now 'New Testament' Christians despite the verse that says 'ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God' (1 Timothy 3:16-17). We chose to listen more to our pastors, priests, elders etc than we do to the bible. We love and obey the modern day 'prophets' AKA 'men of God' more than the God who these people are meant to be mouth-pieces of. In order to live a holy and pure life we need POWER, and this power is not going to come from anywhere else but from GOD not from 'men of God' ONLY God. Jesus is waiting for that moment when we fall to our knees and say "Lord I do not have the power."

Pilate had the knowledge, the desire, the determination and the power to do what was right and that was to release Jesus BUT the question I will leave for you to ponder upon is 'How did Jesus end up at the cross?'

1 John 3:7
Moral of the story: For many of us, I don't know why you are not doing what you know to be right. I don't know why? - I don't know if it's because you don't desire to or you are not determined or because you don't have the power. But for those who say they want to go ALL the way with Jesus and don't know how, the encouragement I want to give you today is; there is power available for you to live a completely holy and pure life. A life where you see God in every experience. The bible tells us that Moses saw God not by Faith like many of us do BUT really really saw God and our never changing God is willing to give us the same experience. 

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