Thursday, 17 July 2014

If God is for us...

Water Bill Episode 2

Last month I wrote a post about how our water bill suddenly went up from $25 to $732 in three months and how they wanted to cut off our water supply. Click here to read more about this.

Anyway so today a man rang the intercom and lied that he wanted to take our water meter reading. I opened up the gate for him then he gave me a note saying he had to disconnect our water supply because we owe $569. I explained the drama that happened last month but he wouldn't listen. We then called my mom, she spoke to him but he still didn't care to listen. Then my dad said he was on his way home. The guy waited for less than 5 minutes then he insisted on cutting off the water supply because he had many other houses to go to. I was about to loose it, so I prayed that the Lord would keep me cool, calm and collective, I politely told him to do whatever he had to do and leave. Then he did what he did on the meter with such a big smile on his face - what arrogance! I just had no words for him, I just told him that 'God will fight for us and I hope he feels good about himself.' Then the man left with such a joyous spirit. I was so over him, if I had a brick close by, I promise I was going to throw it at him. 

However before I got back into the house something just told me to open the tap. Lo and behold, water came out. I left it running for a while thinking it was just water left in the pipes. I went to check if the borehole was turned on but it wasn't.

Moral of the story: Though the gates of hell will attack they will not prevail. Injustice may befall God's faithful children but goodness and mercy will always follow them (Psalm 23:6). God does answer prayers. I said 'God will fight for us' not thinking he would actually do it there and then. I don't know what happened but we still have our water supply on. God doesn't change, we can still have a 'Moses and the rock' experience even today but the difference is that the water will now be coming out of the tap.


  1. Nontie!!!! Throw a brick!? I'm glad there wasn't a weapon nearby or here would have left without that joyous spirit of his! Is there still water today?

    1. Hahahaha... Hayi some people just draaaaaag it! But I thank God there wasn't too, shame poor man would have been injured for nothing. And YES! We still have water.