Thursday, 3 July 2014

Just One More Year!

The parable of the fruitless fig tree examined! (reference: Luke 13:6-9)

Side-note: After going through this parable, I was led to research more about fig trees and I found out that; some fig trees produce fruit the same year they are planted, some even a multiple times in a year and what stood out for me was that they produce fruit before leaves.

Now on to the parable; before this man planted the vineyard, allow me to assume, he considered the best soil, when he was choosing the fig tree, he must have selected the best tree. He invested all his resources on the vineyard, he was expecting fruits and was confident that he will get fruit. For a good 3 years he patiently waited for the tree to produce fruit. I can only imagine the disappointed hopes at the end of the 3years. He then saw it fit that the tree be cut down because it had not only become a burden to the ground but also a decided hindrance. 

To bring it back home, in the bible God's people are refered to as trees of righteousness planted off The Lord. God has invested all for our salvation, He gave up heaven's best - Jesus, He offered the Holy Spirit to lead us into righteousness, hoping we would produce fruit.

Question: How long has The Lord been coming to you for fruit and found none? 

Many of us grew up in good Christian homes, in well-ordered spiritual environments, with bible stories, with family worship, with a praying mother and father. God gave us the best opportunities to be the most powerful Christians then he came year after year looking for fruit only to find none. God then said to our heavenly gardener - Jesus; "cut it down" but Jesus responded saying Lord you are right but give it 'just one more year.'

Many of us think we've TIME, we will change later, we're not ready to give up this and that to make our ways right with God, we think God will understand - it's just one sin, or it's not sin anymore everyone is doing it, we think hours of probation are on holiday BUT how do you know this year isn't your "one more" year?

Moral of the story: Jesus is willing to increase the attention He gives you, He wants to fertilize your life with Christian friends, He wants to water you with His righteousness. He is prepared to "dig about" and "dung" you (Luke 13:8). The question I want to leave for you to ponder upon is 'Will you let Him?"

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  1. This is not a popular subject but so true... As Christians, we must produce fruit or we are not what or who we think we are... "Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire." ~ Matthew 7:19 ~ Thank you for sharing this sobering reminder on the Art of Home-Making Mondays...