Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My First Love - My Hero!

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. No doubt the most talked about person on this blog is my dad. Yes! you're right, I am daddy's lil girl - in it's literal sense. 

Anyway I just came across a conversation I had with my dad two years back when I was in my second year of University. I was telling him about how I wanted to stay over in Cape Town for the June vacation and how I would be staying with a friend. I said all this with so much confidence thinking, Yes! the man will definitely let me stay over since this friend of mine was a girl and I thought I had all my facts right.

Lo and behold, I got an unexpected response. I don't remember how I reacted to it then but now as I read it, it just spells out LOVE! This is what he said to me:

"Not so fast. We need to discuss all these options before you go ahead and confirm anything. For starters, I don't know who this friend is and her background. We need to work out how we can get to know her. Clearly, I know you might feel offended that we are treating you like a child, but consider our side of the story as well. Remember you are the ONLY daughter we have and I would hate to see you falling into the wrong crowd. I know we will not always be there to protect you, but for as long as we can we will make all the effort to minimise the risk."

Oh, what manner of LOVE! - The man just makes me melt, his love inevitably makes me want to be the best daughter I can be. It makes me super submissive to him. I don't wish to have the 'freedom' that many of my age mates have, only God knows where I would be if I was left to do as I please. 

If my earthly father can love me this much, how much more of our Heavenly Father. Many view God's law as too restrictive, but all God wishes for, is our well being and he will do anything to minimize any risk of us being eternally lost. If only we would look at God's word from his eye of love, I believe none will be lost. We would all be striving to do His will in all aspects of life. 

Oh Lord, teach us to love you!


  1. Our heavenly Father's love is so pure and complete, and if our earthly Fathers are connected to Him, they learn to love us better that they would without Him.

  2. Amen to that Ugochi!!! - I wouldn't have said it any better. Oh Lord, be with our fathers!