Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Woman That Inspires Me!

Earlier this year we had an all-ladies talk session at church and one of the questions asked was "tell us something about a woman that inspires you and why?" But ladies being ladies, time ran out before we could do justice to the question. So I decided I would answer it here - Yay!

I first met her in April 2013 at a youth camp meeting where her husband was one of the guest speakers. I never got the chance to talk to her but I loved her even before I knew much about her - love at first sight (lol). What caught my attention was her dressing, how she dressed her children and how her hubby would randomly ask her to confirm a verse, a quotation or their life experience. I was inspired to study more on dress and conduct, I realized your dressing says a whole lot about you before you even open your mouth.

A few months down the lane, we met again at a youth week of spiritual emphasis which her husband was conducting. This might sound a lil stalker-ish but I noticed every time we sang the theme song just before her hubby stood up to preach, he would knee and pray and she, on the other hand, would also pray (well at least she appeared as if she was - TBC) but I thought this was super sweet!

A bit after that I remember inbox-ing her on Facebook telling her how loud her silent sermons were and how thankful and encouraged I was. We started talking more via email and whatsapp until I finally got the guts to 'adopt' her as my sister. Since then she has been the sister I never had.

Now on to why she inspires me. I could write a book on this but will just mention the highlights: she is one of the few practical examples of the biblical Titus 2 wife and mother! that I know. She is all natural; make-up, relaxed hair - none of that. She is an educated keeper at home, a home educating mom of two, a loving and submissive wife. She also cares a lot about people. Oh and Yes! She is a very STRONG woman, you will never hear her whining and complaining about her misfortunes. I could go on and on but yeah...

I love her so much. My hope, prayer and wish is for us to one day be re-united, if not on this earth then in heaven. Re-united to never part again. To spend eternity together. Oh, how I long for that day!

Wishing you a Blessed Birthday 
sis Thandie!

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  1. Confirmed - I was right she does pray when her hubby prays. Here is her comment posted on Facebook:

    Just read it. Don't know whether to laugh (at you stalking me while he prays. And yes, I do pray at that time :-)) or cry at how I feel like I need to do even more. Like "Help, God, they see someone who seems more together than she really is! Help me to be like Paul and be able to tell people to follow me!" Thanks, Nontokozo Nontie Maposa, you are a blessing. May that reunion be soon- wherever it may be!~T