Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why people don't do what's Right?

The experience of Jesus when he was brought before Pilate (reference: Luke 23). Pilate examined Jesus and was convinced of his innocence. Though he knew the right thing to do was to release Jesus, he did not do it.

1. Knowledge - Many of us, though we know the right thing to do, we simply opt to do the opposite maybe because it is popular or because everyone else expects us to do it. However some don't do what's right because they don't know the right thing to do. Acts 17:30 tells us that God winks at the time of this ignorance. 

Pilate did not only have the knowledge but had the DESIRE to do what was right. Some of us, though  we many have the knowledge of the right we don't have the desire to do the right. Let's bring it back home: 

2. Desire - Many know the seventh day is the true bible Sabbath, they know that they shouldn't be doing certain things before marriage, they know certain foods do more harm than good to our body temples, but they do the wrong things anyway simply because they don't have the desire to do what's right. 
Some may say, we have tight schedules, we don't have time to study our bibles, to evangelize, to spend with our families but lo and behold, when we do have time we spend it doing everything else except the things we complain on not having time to do. What this communicates to me is; the issue is not TIME it is DESIRE.

Acts 3:13 tells us that Pilate did not only have the knowledge and desire to do what was right, he was also determined to do it.

3. Determination - In the book 'Steps to Christ' by 'Ellen G. White' she says, many will be lost with the desire and determination to be Christians. In other words, the road to hell is paved with good intensions. Let's bring it back home, after a hard sermon or a deep bible study, many of us go home with the intension to change our lives. We hope to give up this and that. We are determined to live according to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God BUT the saddest reality is that, many of us will be lost for not doing the right thing.

John 19:10 says that Pilate openly admitted in the face of Jesus that he had the power to either crucify him or release him BUT he still did not do the right thing.

4. Power - Many of us think we can resist evil in our own power. We think we are now too holy and good for the devil to reach us. We don't realise the power of sin. Some of us even think we know better than God, we disregard some parts of the bible, we are now 'New Testament' Christians despite the verse that says 'ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God' (1 Timothy 3:16-17). We chose to listen more to our pastors, priests, elders etc than we do to the bible. We love and obey the modern day 'prophets' AKA 'men of God' more than the God who these people are meant to be mouth-pieces of. In order to live a holy and pure life we need POWER, and this power is not going to come from anywhere else but from GOD not from 'men of God' ONLY God. Jesus is waiting for that moment when we fall to our knees and say "Lord I do not have the power."

Pilate had the knowledge, the desire, the determination and the power to do what was right and that was to release Jesus BUT the question I will leave for you to ponder upon is 'How did Jesus end up at the cross?'

1 John 3:7
Moral of the story: For many of us, I don't know why you are not doing what you know to be right. I don't know why? - I don't know if it's because you don't desire to or you are not determined or because you don't have the power. But for those who say they want to go ALL the way with Jesus and don't know how, the encouragement I want to give you today is; there is power available for you to live a completely holy and pure life. A life where you see God in every experience. The bible tells us that Moses saw God not by Faith like many of us do BUT really really saw God and our never changing God is willing to give us the same experience. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. You bring up some interesting points. The story of Pilate always makes me so sad! The one thing he lacked was courage (though he had power which was ironic). Like dear Peter, he wouldn't have the strength to do the right thing until the Holy Spirit gave the courage to him but He would have to accept the truth first about the man who was standing in front of him...