Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Boy meets Girl

*Based on a true story*

Boy and Girl meet.
Boy likes Girl but Girl says No!
Boy insists then Girl explains the 'unequally yoked' dilemma.
Boy persists and starts stalking Girl's church and telling her about it.

This may appear as though Boy is interested in girl's church (or it could be the case) but knowledge is to realize anyone who is willing to change their beliefs to impress or get a girl is, more often than ever, going to drop any such interests once he gets what he wants. Wisdom is to be naive enough to continue praying for the brother not for them to bridge the unequally yoked gap so you could be together BUT for them to come to know Jesus, so much so that, they are willing to follow biblical truth in order to inherit the eternal crown. 

Convert and marry could work in rare cases but will have terrible consequences. I have heard some say 'I am only with him/her so I could point them to Christ' #DatingEvangelism! I totally understand and agree that Jesus said we must "Go ye therefore and teach all nations..." (Matthew 28:18-20) but no where in scripture does it say, while you are at it get a wife or husband for yourself. 

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