Thursday, 14 August 2014

God is not a Historian!

Hope for the backslider! 

Background: Last Sabbath I was asked to say something about my after baptismal life and my response was that, life got harder spiritually. Being Christian is a serious commitment, it hasn't been a smooth road for me, sometimes I often wish I hadn't received as much light as I have now. It gets tough! But as is with the rule of Mathematics; 'if it seems easy, you are probably doing something wrong.' The devil has no business with those who are already his, he doubles his efforts towards those in the other camp, those playing on the fence #LUKEWARM (as is the case with many of us). 

Here goes my recent backsliding experience, not that I am proud of it but I hope and pray it will be a lesson to those who might be going down the same route. Backsliding is your greatest enemy, it's not pretty. It's a stress. You get depressed for absolutely nothing. It sucks. It destroys you. It hurts. If you thought breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is heartbreaking, trust me backsliding is worse. I have never had a boy breaking my heart but I always break my own heart every time I distance myself from Jesus. It feels like divorce. You know when you love someone so much but you have this urge to stay away from them while simultaneously breaking your own heart? Yes! that's exactly how backsliding feels like.

How it all starts... The moment one shifts their attention from others to self. You start noticing the things that you don't have. Your prayers seem to be taking longer than usual to get answered. You get discouraged. You start throwing tantrums at God - you loose interest in personal devotion and prayers get shorter and shorter until you cease praying at all. Because the mind lacks spiritual matters to meditate upon, you spend much time thinking of all those things that don't seem to be going as you would have hoped. The negative aspects of life seem more attractive for some awkward reason. You are led to ponder more on your past mistakes which eventually leads one to conclude they are beyond repair. 

You might be going through the same experience. You might be in a position to throw away Jesus. You might be considering giving up on yourself. The message I would love to share with you today is that - God is not a historian. He does not care about your past but is more interested in your potential. Not even God can change the past so why should you even worry about it? If you are struggling with backsliding please note that, coming out of the world is simple the challenge comes when we have to get the world out of us. Remember it took one day for the children of Israel to get out of Egypt but 40 painful years to get Egypt out of them. Hence the more pain you endure the more useful you become. 

Hang in there, Jesus will soon be here!

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