Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My 100th Blog Post!

Once you start blogging you can't stop, I can't believe I just reached my 100th blog post in a lil less than 8months *excited* To celebrate my initiation into the triple digits, I thought I would share some things a few people know about me that many probably thought they knew. 

So the first thing is... *drumroll*

I only found out the correct spelling of my name when I was in the 7th grade. Prior to that I thought my name was spelt as NOTHOKOZO (which is the mistake on my birth certificate) but I would still pronounce it as NONTOKOZO (which is the correct spelling). When this came to my attention it was rather too late to amend my birth certificate and would probably have costed my parents a fortune so the solution was that I use NOTHOKOZO only for my official documentations (passport, I.d, academic certificates, driver's license, etc) but use NONTOKOZO for everything else. 

Another interesting thing about my names is that I got one name translated from Ndebele to Shona. My first name is NONTOKOZO and my second is TAFADZWA and they both mean happiness (explains why I am ever smiling). I assume the reason could be that my dad is Ndebele and my mom Shona. 

I am neither fluent in Shona or Ndebele so I use NONTIE (a nickname I got from my first hostel prefect in my first year of high school) to avoid having to explain why I have a Ndebele name yet I can't speak the language. 

Oh yeah and one more thing, my childhood nickname that I actually liked was 'VERY NICE' I have no idea how that came about, I guess I was very nice to those people. 

A big SHOUT out to all the readers at - A Victorious Woman of Faith - our aim is for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more.

Stay blessed and remain in the Lord!

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