Monday, 4 August 2014

The Words Anybody Wants to Hear

Background: At our church, as is with all or most Seventh-day Adventist Churches, we have a children's story or sermon before the main sermon. This is usually done by the youths, mothers, fathers or the preacher for the day. These are mostly interactive to keep the children engaged and I always look forward to these stories, though in their most simplest form they always have a profound teaching.

With that in mind, last Sabbath the preacher asked the children to say out the words they think anyone would like to hear, atheist, Christian, Muslim etc and plenty of answers were given which didn't suffice except the one of simply saying 'Thank you.' When you receive something from someone it's quite easy to say thank you but on a more personal level sometimes we pray to God asking for something and when He gives us we forget to go back and thank Him. Even when He doesn't give us what we want instead of thanking Him for not giving us since He knows what's best for us, we turn around and start questioning His love for us.

Author's interjection: I got distracted before I could hear the moral of the story - by a friend who thought the words were 'I love you' so I was telling him that some people like me would prefer being shown the love than told about it - so another friend cared enough to share what he got from the story as stated below:

"Now the lesson I learnt from that personally was that, we should thank God no matter what we're going through, be it good or bad because He is the only one who knows the great plans He has for us - if we trust and believe in Him. We almost always never take time to thank God but instead we find it easier to go and complain to Him that we're not happy with A, B, C and we lose focus of the tiny important things he does for us. Examples of things we take for granted are food, clothes, shelter, health, gift of life etc. How much more happier would we be if we took time to be more positive and thankful to God for the things we deem little but are quite BIG in God's eyes." ~ TeeCee a.k.a Sanqa

Points to Ponder: Some of us are good at asking and never appreciating, we even attempt to bribe God by saying God if you give me this and that I will be a better Christian, I will start going to church and praying three times a day. We say all this as though we are doing God a favor. We forget that He owns everything including the life we are living, without His breath we are NOTHING but dust. Our being thankful to God does not help Him in anyway but helps us - it enables us to enjoy the peace which comes with contentment.

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  1. Like the ten lepers, only 1 came back to thank Him... I hope to have a thankful heart in my life... Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)