Friday, 8 August 2014

Youth Are You Preparing For Your Divorce?

'Unequally Yoked Together With Unbelievers'

Divorce here, Divorce there, Divorce everywhere! Marriage has lost it's sacredness, people now enter upon it as if it's a 'dating' relationship. Very few actually take time to consider the character of the one they wish to unite themselves with. Many are blinded by infatuation, they think life will always be roses, they are deceived into thinking that their future spouse will change once they are married. What saddens me the most is seeing people who were once strong in the faith compromise their beliefs in the name of marriage - because they fear no other guy/girl will love them the same way. 

Personal Experience: I know it's very hard to give up that guy that seems genuine, that you have everything in common with, that you know will sure be a good father and husband, that you know loves you sincerely, that has a tick on every point on your checklist except one thing - the issue of beliefs/faith. That person might appear ALL right but that one thing just makes them ALL wrong. God was not joking when He instructed us that we should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). This is a command, which can not be put aside without serious consequences. 

Being unequally yoked together with an unbeliever does not only imply that the other party involved is not a professing Christian or follows a non-Christian religion or is an avowed atheist or agnostic. Of course these are unbelievers. However the criteria of being unequally yoked may refer to Christians professing different faiths, that is, people who go to different churches. Nevertheless it is not necessarily true that people who go to the same church can not be unequally yoked i.e it is possible for people to profess different faiths yet attending the same church and even holding membership in that church. The issue is about the truth one has received and how much they are striving to live up to it, it's about one's dedication to the Word of God, it's about the love one has for others and love for Jesus and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make it into heaven with as many people as they could reach out to. 

Once two individuals who wish to be united in marriage hold different faiths then their marriage will most likely be a battle field. There will arise conflicts as to which one is God's true church, which church will their children attend, whose beliefs will govern family worship, among others. This may also cause confusion in the minds of the children and lead them to reject all religion. Seeking to be united in such a union is a selfish act because the consequences will not only affect the two parties but will extent to the generations to come as well as the extended families. Such unions have a higher chance of ending in a divorce and DIVORCE is just a non-starter. Avoid being unequally yoked and say NO! to divorce. 

This post was inspired by Chapter 14 of the book 'Youth Are You Preparing For Your Divorce' by Colin D. Standish and Russell R. Standish. It's a book I would label as a MUST read pre- or during courtship. 

Side note: I am very picky when it comes to the books I read, so if I recommend a book, it must be a really REALLY good one. 

If you want a SOFT copy of the book just drop me an email at - and will forward it as soon as possible. It's FREE!!!


  1. I commented a moment ago but I am not sure if it "took", so I'll just sum up with this: Excellent advice!

  2. I can't wait to read this one!

    1. Hey Helen, just drop me an email and will send you the soft copy :) I'm glad you are looking forward to reading the book.