Sunday, 14 September 2014

Charmed to compromise!

This battle is real...

It's as if the devil has a plan B for every temptation one overcomes. He will not easily give up. He will strive to bring a new thing to charm you until you yield to his demands. He will use your family, your friends, your circle of influence, what you listen to or watch, to convince you that his way is the right way. As one preacher once said, "if you don't want the fruit of sin, then don't go to the devil's orchard." It's true the devil is roaring like a lion looking for those he may devour but sometimes we place ourselves within his reach. We do exactly what the bible forbids hoping God will come through and turn a curse into a blessing. Yes, the bible does say nothing is impossible with God, but the same bible also says 'thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God.' The devil will use the same lie he used on Eve - you shall not surely die - though sincerely deceived the word of God will remain. He will not excuse us on the account that we were lied to, so if we know something to be true then we must strive to live by it at all costs. With the minor temptations we face on a daily basis *** be it to skip devotion and prayer, or to drink with your meals (I struggle with this at almost every meal time), or to just add an egg to better the texture when baking (if you are vegan), or to wear that one short skirt you have left in your modest closet or to tolerant that seemingly nice guy who is not of the same faith hoping he will finally see the light or you will eventually get over that phase, or just say that one white lie to save a friend from trouble, to mention a few *** we ought to always have Christ in mind. We must think of His blood, His pain, His agony and weigh if what we are doing or how we are living our lives, is worth the sacrifice on the cross. 

The devil's charms are only but for a moment but the promises of God are for eternity. The CHOICE is yours! 

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