Saturday, 20 September 2014

Children's Story

One of the many reasons I love being a Seventh-day Adventist is that, the church is family oriented. Every Sabbath before the main sermon we have a sermonette for the little ones and these almost always carry profound teachings.

The past Sabbath, a story was told of a very rich and wealthy man. He had everything that one could ever dream of and more. A mansion by the sea side, fancy cars, a speed boat, a private jet, a helicopter, among other things. This man lived with his only son and a servant who had faithfully served their family for a long time. One day the father and his son went for a picnic and the father realizing that he was very old and about to die told his son that, when he dies, the boy was supposed to choose only ONE thing from his father's possessions and give the rest to the servant who had been so faithful. Time passed and the father died. The boy deeply troubled with the thoughts of what he would pick, went out for a walk. While he was at it, he met an old man who noticed his sorrow and asked him what was wrong. The boy narrated the whole story to him and the old man told the boy to come back to him after a week. Likewise, the boy went back to the old man and he was advised to pick the servant. The boy did not argue or oppose and when time came for him to announce his decision he told everyone that he was choosing the servant. Despite the pressure and questions he got from the people around him, he did not change his mind. 

Moral of the story: We need to always give careful thought before making any decisions. There are times when choosing just ONE thing will result in us gaining everything. In this case, the boy chose the servant who was going to be given everything hence he ended up retaining all that his father possessed. Another lesson is that, all that glitters is not gold - He could have easily chosen one of the fancy cars but after driving around town and once the gas finished, it would become worthless. He could have chosen money but once all spent, he would be left with nothing. Another lesson was that, when confronted with difficult situations we must seek counsel of godly older folk who might have gone through what we are struggling with. We must also learn to be patient, the little boy could have demanded for a now now response from the old man, but he was patient enough to wait for a week. Last but not least, we must not yield to external pressure, if we know something to be right then we must stand by it, no matter what mom or dad, pastor or elder, friend or relative, say/think/do. 

Now to bring it back home, in our own lives we might be faced with situations that demand us to make very difficult decisions. Having to choose our good jobs over our faith or family/friends over biblical principles, among others. After weighing the possible consequences, these can be very hard decisions to make, but the advice I want to leave for you today is that, no matter how much you are likely to loose, if you choose Jesus you have gained ALL that you need in this life and life to come. Though things might turn out shady, joy will always come in the morning. Once the test is over and God blesses, He blesses abundantly. Trust God! 

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