Monday, 24 November 2014

Delilah's laps!

Harare City Center Church Crusade (23 November to 6 December)
Theme: Discover Jesus
Song: More About Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Timuri

Day One: Samson compared to the modern day Christian based on Judges 16:19

1. Samson was regarded as a strong man in Israel. He was very popular that he could get any woman he wanted but he chose a Philistine (Delilah) who he could express his weakness to.
~ In like manner many Christians today are regarded as the spiritual giants/ prayers warriors, they have people running to them for prayers when they are in trouble, that they find it hard to share their own struggles with their fellow brethren. Hence they seek relief else where. They maintain an appearance of strength yet are weak inside.
2. Delilah was aware of Samson's strength so she knew for her to have a way around him, he had to be sleeping.
~ Likewise the devil understands the power of an active church hence his first attack is to get the Christian to slumber, to play church, to have a form of godliness but denying the power thereafter.
3. Delilah made Samson feel comfortable in his sins (by making him lie on her laps) to the extent that, though he knew Delilah attempted to kill him, he did not flee for his life.
~ In like manner, many Christians today know the things that are bad for them, things that will make them miss heaven, yet no attempt to reform is made. 
4. Delilah's laps are anywhere you go to, to find rest or relief that is not to Jesus.
5. The saddest thing about most Christians is that, they are not connected to God and they don't know it.
6. The devil will suggest to you, trick you and then laugh at you.

Conclusion: What led to Samson's death is not the falling of the house but the place which he chose to go to, to find rest or relief, that is, Delilah's laps.

Key Lessons: In times of great distress, troubles, trials and temptations, instead of running to our modern day Delilah's laps (our pastors, elders, parents, spouses, alcohol, cigarettes, food, chocolate, shopping, etc) we should remember and respond to the call made by Jesus in Matthew 11:28 - "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Remain in the Lord!

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