Thursday, 13 November 2014

The battle between Feelings and Principle!

Click HERE to read the introduction to this series - book review of 'Enemy at the Gate' by Joe Crews. 

Previously on this series... Chapter One: Flirting with the Enemy! We learnt that if you don't want the fruit of sin then don't go to the devil's orchard! 

Chapter Two: Reaching the Mind

✨ If he is to alienate us from God, Satan must somehow gain control of our minds where all the life functions are centered.
✨ Satan understands and uses the avenue of the senses to communicate his message to the brain.
✨ Although the devil can't keep you from choosing to be saved if you want to be, he can make an indirect attack upon your will through your emotions.
✨ The greatest enemy of your will is your dependence upon feelings.

Author's interjection: This chapter really spoke to me, it made me think of all those times when I would say 'I don't feel like going to church' or 'I am not in the mood to study my bible or pray.' I realized true Christianity is not based on feelings but on principle. Following my feelings led me into making some decisions that when looking back to them today, I always ask myself 'what I was thinking?' Yes, God forgives and people change but scars will remain. Analogy - when you get hurt, the pain disappears, the wound heals but you carry the scars for a few years or even the rest of your life. Remember this analogy each time you are tempted to follow your feelings instead of principle. 

Moral of the Chapter: Satan always makes the path of sin attractive. right and wrong can never be tested by what it LOOKS like, FEELS like or TASTES like. Satan spoke flattering words which appealed to Eve's ego and vanity. What she HEARD and SAW influenced her FEELINGS to such a degree that she became blinded to right and wrong. 

Next of this series... Chapter Three - Getting rid of the Enmity!

P.S - the book is available on Amazon, you can also download the PDF version from Google or you can click HERE to email me so I can send you the PDF version of the book. 

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  1. It's so important that we continually fill our minds with truth! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday. What an excellent book!