Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Bible: Our Church Outfit Accessory!

The most astonishing thing in the Christian world is that, many of us (myself included) claim to be Christians, Christ-like, followers of Jesus; yet our bibles are mere accessories to our church outfits. Some have the prettiest bibles around, most probably, received as presents 10years ago, but they still look as good as new. Some (not that it's a bad thing) have even transitioned from the hard copy bibles to the ones on our phones, tablets or iPads. Which brings us to a world where, you can never tell whether a person is actually following the verses as the preacher speaks or they are replying to the message of what they will be doing after church. #SaddestReality!

Our lives are so 'busy' and we have become content with skipping our personal bible study and prayer times. We think the few verses we learnt during our 'spiritual high' days will see us through the current trials and temptations. We think we know it all but one thing we don't know, the one thing we choose to ignore, is that; the great enemy of truth, the devil himself, knows his bible very well. 

Allow me to support my claim, for one to counterfeit truth, he has to know what truth is. So in like manner, for us to really know what truth is, we have to keep that connection with Christ, through his word and on our knees. Being a Christian is not a 'what I was before' or a 'what I will be' thing, but rather it's a 'what I am now' thing. Your past righteousness and faithfulness will NEVER give God an excuse to over look your current wrongs.

Moral of the Story: The moment we're separated from God's word we automatically become not only doers but also inventors of sin. So as we enter the new year (starting now), may our bibles graduate from being mere 'accessories to our church outfits' to being instruments of change in our individual lives. 

Remain in the Lord!

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  1. Great reminder Miss Nontie to stay connected to the word and LIVE it! We do have an enemy out there whose desire is to sift us like wheat so we must stay on guard...

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)