Sunday, 25 January 2015

28 Random Facts About Me!

1. People struggle to pronounce my first name, so I am Nonto or Nontie or Nontokozo or Tafadzwa, depending on who I am talking to. 
2. I remember people by the way they begin or end their prayers - YES! I prayer stalk people.
3. I, once upon a time, secretly wanted to be a pastor's wife (and I still don't mind being one).
4. I sleep every time I attempt to watch t.v so my fav sofa in the t.v room actually has a lil blanket on it.
5. I have days that I actually 'forget' to bath.
6. I don't drink tea because every time I do, I always burn my tongue.
7. I love singing but I can't sing so I always lip sing in church.
8. I am shy at first but once I get comfortable with you, get ready for my crazy self.
9. I don't know much about music but I'm seriously in love with tenor.
10. I am not a spoilt brat but I do have spoilt brat tendencies. 
11. I'm in love with the idea of being pregnant so I often have random 'pregnancy' cravings (they say practice makes perfect).
12. I am a bad communicator, I suck at staying in touch so I have few friends.
13. I eat meat when I am stressed.
14. Hence I sometimes dig for reasons to be stressed so that I can eat meat.
15. I really wish I was given my grandmother's name - Ntombizodwa!
16. I missed my first graduation ceremony because I was still in shock that I had passed my final semester.
17. I want a royalty-vintage themed, midweek, night wedding.
18. I actually thought I was an introvert at some point - I can't believe my self!
19. I am a philophobe to some extent.
20. I hate cooking Sadza/pap/thick porridge, I hate cutting and cooking leafy green vegetables but my mom loves eating both so I had to learn to do those three and PERFECTLY!
21. I want to go to Europe or Asia for my honeymoon. 
22. I can be very very anti-social.
23. I struggle to listen to a woman preach especially in a mixed congregation.
24. I procrastinate a lot!!!
25. I respond faster to my emails than I do to whatsapp messages or phone calls.
26. I have a lot of brothers so you should never ask how we are related.
27. I love the name Nqobile (meaning conqueror) though I can't pronounce it. 
28. I am not girly but I love the idea of being girly so I have a lot of pink and girly stuff. 


  1. What a fun and random list! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!