Monday, 19 January 2015

My Heartbreak Story!

Even church guys can break your heart!

Once upon a time, this girl here, decided she was done dating and would wait patiently on the Lord for her future hubby. She decided she would go the courtship route - the whole guy seeks permission from her parents before he even comes to her. Yeah right, that was her dream

However when reality struck and *Mr Irresistibly Awesome* came into the picture, girl literally dropped all her dreams. She decided she would attempt dating one more time. In no time *Mr Irresistibly Awesome* and her had a thing going on, normally things would appear too good to be true, but this time around, it was a dream come true. They were both happy together and their future looked bright - the fairy tale bubble life!

One day this fairy tale bubble suddenly popped when another lady came into the picture. Had girl taken time to learn and understand *Mr Irresistibly Awesome* before giving up her trust and emotions, this dilemma would have been avoided. She assumed that, since guy was from church and a very active member, none of this would ever happen. Talk about being na├»ve and gullible! However due to her ignorance a heartbreak was due and delivered. 

Moral of the story: Love is a principle and not a mere feeling. No matter how good it may feel, you can never compromise on principle and get away with it. Just because a brother is from church and he sings, teaches or even preaches, doesn't give you a green light to assume he is a spiritual giant (we are all sinners in need of grace). If you are single, wait on the Lord! He is never too late but always on time. Most importantly, when the right guy comes you will never be required to compromise on principle. He will fit into your life just like a puzzle piece. Don't force matters, just WAIT! 


  1. Great post, I am sorry about what you went through but I am so glad that you are now waiting on God to bring you His perfect man for you. What a blessing and a great testimony. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings