Saturday, 24 January 2015

Random Ramblings: Men need our Prayers!

Growing up in a family of mostly guys has led me to better understand men. I generally relate better with guys than I do with girls. Given a situation where there are two strangers, one male and one female, I am, more often than ever, going to have a lasting conversation with the guy than I am with the girl. This is purely because of my background more than anything else. 

Now, why do I say men need our prayers? 

Yea! men are regarded as strong beings, physically, emotionally and even mentally. They have it in their DNA to be strong. Generally, they better handle their emotions, they don't easily break down and when they are hurting, many a time, they don't show it as much as women do. 

However when it comes to spiritual matters, we all start on the same level. God neither the devil is a respecter of persons. Just because someone is male, and is entrusted to be the head of the family yea leader in church, doesn't automatically make them immune to sin. It only makes them in need of more grace. Grace sufficient enough to make them realize the great responsibility given them by God. They need wisdom - wisdom enough to make them understand that if the leader of the household yea church stumbles so will the followers.  

Men need to be understood. They are human too. They have weaknesses and they err. Instead of wasting our time discussing how this guy has hurt us, how much he is a jerk, how heartless or insensitive he might have been, how far away from God we think he is; we should use this time to help them become a better person. This does not necessarily mean going to them and talking them through it (if you can, then yay!) but you can simply whisper their name in prayer. God knows exactly how to deal with each one of us, so isn't it easier then to leave everything to him? 

To the gentlemen reading this, my prayer is for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more. 

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