Sunday, 25 January 2015

Testimony 2

When God answers prayers - Thank Him!

This is a spine from the testimony I posted last week, if you missed it, click HERE to read it. 

Background: As a family we begun 2014 with a list of requests we wanted the Lord to grant. We were praying for this and praying for that. During family worship time, our prayers were almost sounding the same through out the year. For a moment it felt like God was giving us the silent treatment but we held on none the less. 

Testimony: I won't sit here and lie saying, holding on was easy or sweet. It was such a bitter experience. Imagine praying for the same things though out the year and no answer. Not even a sign of a positive outcome. However, God being God, came through at his own timing. Answers to our prayers came one after the other and on Wednesday last week our family worship prayer was simply of thanks - such a sweet experience

Moral of the story: When you present your case before God, it might take a year, less than a year or even more than a year; to get a YES! but my advice (from experience) is, wait patiently on him. Once your prayer has been answered you will realized why he made you wait. Never whine or complain about your situation, just pray on. There is nothing wrong with saying 'I'm waiting on the Lord'. It's true God helps those who help themselves but sometimes human effort entails going down on your knees and staying there until something happens.

Jesus is faithful. Trust Him! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this encouragement on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. It is hard to wait but His timing is always perfect no matter what our human eyes think...