Sunday, 18 January 2015


Jesus makes the impossible possible!

I have gotten to that stage in my Christian life where I just don't stress about anything that seems to be going wrong in my life. I used to cry, whine and throw tantrums whenever God gave me a NO or a WAIT, but one thing that remained constant in all my experiences was that, at the end of the rough road, I would always go back to God and say Thank you! 

It took a couple of downs, painful and bitter experiences for me to fully understand that whatever misery God allows to come my way, it's always for my good and for his glory. I have learnt to appreciate life as it is. I thank God for my struggles, for the people who hurt me, for the many times I have shed tears, because through it all I have learnt to trust Jesus!

Testimony: I had a lot of complications when I was applying for my study permit, the situation was so bad that I thought I would be taking my second gap year this year. Long story but the summary is that, I had all my papers ready by October 2014, I submitted and was told to collect my passport after 10 working days. Closer to the end of the 10 days, I received a call saying I needed a South African police clearance, I applied for this via the South African Embassy and was told it would be ready after six weeks (sometime around the first week of December). I waited patiently until then, but when I checked the police clearance wasn't ready yet. I would call the Embassy everyday until first week of January and still same story. Then the wait was turning bitter, so my dad insisted that I drive to the embassy everyday until I get it. After burning a couple of litres of fuel everyday, I finally got the police clearance on the 13th of January - Praise God! Now the next problem was that, I needed my visa ready before the 16th of January so I could meet the deadline for paying my college tuition and residence fees. In human eyes this seemed very much impossible because the visa application process was now 15days as opposed to the 10days they had told me earlier. 

I had no idea what I was going to do, but I just wasn't ready to take a second gap year. (Disclaimer: I am not very prayerful, especially in bad times, throwing tantrums at God was usually the norm) BUT this time I decided I would just pray and surrender my case to God. As the spirit led and inspired, I went and spoke to the authorities, I explained my situation and I made it clear that I needed my visa ready before Friday and this was on Tuesday. The brother did not ask further questions, he simply told me to come check my visa on Thursday - Amen! When I went back on Thursday, I waited there the whole day, I could have easily given up after a few hours but I believed in my God and I knew he wouldn't just change his mind, so I waited. Around knock off time (between 4:30pm and 5pm), an officer came with a bunch of passports, he called out a couple of names and mine hadn't been called out. I didn't lose heart but prayed on. Eventually my name was called out - imagine the joy! 

When I checked when the visa was issued, I realized it was processed the very day I had submitted - on the 13th of January! I was tempted to ask why I had to wait at the embassy for 5hours before getting it but I figured, if I had gotten my passport as soon as I got to the embassy on Thursday, I wouldn't have learnt to wait patiently, to have unwavering faith and to just trust God. 

My wait was bitter, I hated every minute of it. I was hungry, I didn't have money for food and I couldn't go back home. But I am grateful for the sweet experience I got after I received my passport. 

Jesus is faithful! Trust him!


  1. Thanks for sharing this great post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  2. I enjoyed reading this testimony of God's faithfulness! I didn't realize you lived in South Africa. Where are you planning to go for university? Thanks so much for sharing at Booknificent Thursday!