Saturday, 21 February 2015

Biblical Truth NOT Subject to Democratic Opinion!

We are living in a society where democracy is the order of the day. They say majority rules. A decision to act or refrain from acting, many a time, depends on numbers rather than the morality of the action. Instead of principle being the first point of call, it has become a matter of convenience. We obey God only when his will and word is in line with our own plans. We seek to fit God in our plans rather than us fitting into his plans. 

As today's preacher alluded, biblical truth is not subject to democratic opinion. If a text in the bible testifies against us, we shouldn't take a black permanent marker and rub it out BUT instead our prayer should be 'Lord help my unbelief.' We should realize that, the prophecies of God do not come to entertain us or challenge our intellectual abilities, they come to impact change in our lives. If we embrace the word of God, we will surely be like Christ when he appears. 

Moral of the Story: We shouldn't hate the Word of God. We shouldn't hate him that tells us the truth. We ought to always remember that, the kisses of an enemy are worse than the wounds of a friend. We shouldn't be moved to follow the crowd, we should always seek to stand for principle.  

Stay Faithful!

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