Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Is being a Career Woman totally off Biblical Norms?

My experience as a stay-at-home daughter is not abnormal or exemplary. Many girls are choosing this less-traveled path and reaping a bountiful harvest of joy and contentment as they choose what is foolish in the eyes of the world. I believe that the Lord is raising up a generation of young women wholly dedicated to biblical values and traditional family roles; women who will be godly wives and mothers devoted to taking dominion of their spheres of influence in the home! It is exciting to watch as God turns many hearts toward the home and family, and the stay-at-home daughter movement is another exciting development in this monumental shift.

However in the same regard, there are also young women who have chosen to go to college, pursue a degree and career thereafter, but when and if opportunity arises to be a stay at home wife or mother, they are more than willing to grab it with both hands. They strongly believe in biblical womanhood, the headship of men in the home, biblical submission of the wife, among others. Of the two, this option is less popular and may even be confronted with questions like; 'Why go to college then if you are just going to stay at home?' Or 'Why not just be a full time stay at home daughter?' 

Then there is also another class of women, who have chosen to pursue their careers as they simultaneously care for their families and raise their children. I admit, I used to think this option was totally off biblical values and norms. However upon reflection I realized I was brought up this way. From my experience, I have no complains against it, though my mom would be at work for most of the day, she made sure she spent enough time with us whenever she was home. Knowing that she won't always be there to counsel with us, she taught us to pray, to turn to God whenever we were not sure about anything. In addition, when we were little, she was more than careful when choosing our baby sitters, we were either left under the care of her older sisters or our older cousins. We didn't turn out to be complete Angels but I believe she did her best in raising us and I have no doubt that she will receive the words "well done thou good and faithful servant...' at the end of time. 

Moral of the story: There is no One-Size-Fit-All approach to biblical womanhood. As opportunities avail and circumstances permit, we should always seek to do our best in whatever situation God places in our hands. Let's not be quick to judge those who decide to stay at home full time or those who choose to follow their careers, neither is superior over the other but it's simply a case where, God has different purposes for us. 


  1. I am so glad to read your there is "no one-size-fits -all" when it comes to Christian women and work or home. I'm a Christain woman who works full time and a keeper of my home but I so often read how wrong I am and there is no way I can care for my family successfully whilst I am working. It's sad how other Christains so quickly judge working women.

  2. May we ensure that doing "our best" is in line with doing God's best. God has made it plain what He wants mothers-not wives-to do. May we ensure that we do all we can in His strength to allow Him to work out His perfect will in us.

    On the other hand, if a woman has no choice but to disobey Titus 2, AH chapter 40 etc, then may she ensure she has only the best carer for her young children.