Sunday, 7 June 2015

20-something Random Facts About Me!

I learn something new about myself everyday so you can guess it took me 20-something days to come up with this list. 

1. I spell my name as NONTIE but somehow everyone turns it to NONTY.
2. I stalk my parent's marriage (they fascinate me and they are the real reason I will ever consider getting married one day).
3. Being quiet for more than 5 minutes is out of my comfort zone.
4. I am a feet-dragger (I have to constantly remind myself to lift my feet)...#SpoiltBratTendencies!
5. My most asked question is - How old are you? When I answer it, very few believe me, so I am whatever age you THINK I am.
6. I am an Oreos fan! (twist, lick and dunk).
7. I love cake - Carrot or Chocolate!
8. Marriage is not my final destination (I have my anti-marriage days) but if it happens - Yay! If not - Yay still!
9. I love Pink!
10. Sometimes I REALLY wonder if I am a tomboy with girly tendencies or if I am girly but with tomboy tendencies (hoping to figure that out soon).
11. (Somewhere in my mind) I want to be a Court Judge.
12. I am a victim of sibling bullying.
13. BUT I am overly obsessed with my BROTHERS, they are the BEST thing that has ever happened to my life!
14. I get relationship advise for my dad - YES! my dad is cooler than yours.
15. If you are my friend and you know my dad's first name, chances are, we will be friends for a long time.
16. The BIGGEST turn off, is when someone swears in my face (please DON'T, it breaks my heart).
17. I have multiple characters, I even confuse myself sometimes.
18. Despite my very LOUD and TALKATIVE tendencies, I am very SHY, FRAGILE, SENSITIVE and I CRY a lot.
19. My dogs are both called "boo boo" and the tone of my voice tells them which one I am calling.
20. When someone lies to me, I play dump and play along to avoid killing their ego - trust me I will never ASK!
21. I am yet to meet a guy who doesn't like SOCCER! Who is not a fan of MOVIES or SERIES! (I just want to say hie...)
22. When I look at a guy, I see a BROTHER as opposed to a FUTURE HUBBY...#AutomaticBrotherZone!
23. On that note, I have a lot of brothers.
24. The thought of having a sister traumatizes me...#OnlyGirlTendencies! 
25. I get excited every time I read about ANTENUPTIAL CONTRACTS (if you have watched the movie 'Divorce Invitation' you will know why).
26. I cut my relaxed hair (hair with chemicals) because I want to be a NATURAL HAIR bride!
28. I LOVE LAW SCHOOL! - It has taught me the importance of PRAYER more than anything else.

Ciao :)

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