Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why People Leave The Church?

I have had my "Peter moments" where I would tell myself that I will never leave the church. Nothing would ever make me want to 'sleep in' and not go to church. Even if someone does something to me I vowed never to make that the reason to take a step back in my relationship with God. But like the bible says, if you have faith, it has to be tested. 

Personal Experience: For the past few days, yea weeks, I have been thinking of just taking a break from going to church. I told myself I would just sleep in from Friday night through to Sabbath sunset and then resume my week as normal. I was suffering emotionally, I had a lot of mixed feelings being thrown at me. You know when someone is one person today and a totally different person tomorrow. They are all sweet now and the next minute they leave you wondering what happened. You try by all means to be nice but you get crap right back in your face. Imagine the pain, the hurt and the high chances of resentment popping up. I got to a stage where if I see the person, all I could think of is the question, but what went wrong? As I was trying to battle ill feelings against the persons, constantly seeing them at church wasn't making the struggle any better. That's when I decided but why not take a 'break' from church - I mean it was for a good cause. All this made perfect sense in my head.

Fortunately enough, I say fortunate as an after thought, after realizing that God actually had a solution before the problem came up. As my brain was celebrating the brilliant idea of 'sleeping in' on Sabbath, Jesus brought a sweet lady in my life. I had always known her but we suddenly became close. You know the feeling that you get when you realize that someone loves you, without them actually saying it? That's exactly what this dear friend made me feel like. Her tender, love and care was just on another level (okay, that's besides the point), but she was the one God sent to encourage me to go to church. I would tell her that I am not going to church but she always had the right things to say that landed me right at foot of the cross.

Moral of the Story: No matter how deep life may be. When friends throw tantrums at you. Running away from Jesus should be the last thought on your mind. He is the truest friend you can ever have. Just hang in there, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

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