Sunday, 7 June 2015

Why We Lack True Conversion?

Background: Christianity is not stagnant, it's a continual process of overcoming sin and growing in Christ. We can never get to a point where we can safely say "I am there Lord, I have fully conquered!" This is because Satan has temptations laid out for every step of our lives. He is there, he is diligently and patiently waiting for any opportunity to lead us astray. Therefore we should constantly seek for growth and advancement in our relationship with Jesus.

Personal Experience: At some point in my life, when I was flourishing spiritually, I thought like Peter, that I will never deny Christ...#PeterMoments! Then trials yea, tribulations came, was I able to stand? Sadly NO! Reserve reformation took its course, then I began to drop one conviction after the other...#SaddestReality! But Jesus was there, he remained faithful even in my unfaithfulness. 

If you are struggling to advance spiritually the reasons could be that:
1. You have not made a clean track behind you.
2. You have no special interest in religious exercises - you just don't enjoy religion.
3. You have departed from God and righteousness.
4. You have been seeking happiness in the wrong way, in forbidden pleasures and you have not, moral courage to confess and forsake your sins that you may find mercy.

Moral of the Story: It is NOT a light thing to be a Christian. It is a small matter to profess the Christian name, but it is a great and sacred thing to live a Christian life. The question will never be asked, 'how much did you profess?' BUT, 'what fruit did you bear?'

Be Encouraged!


  1. Love love love this!
    Daily commitment!

    1. Thanks Twi *hearts* may the Lord help is to remain faithful!

    2. Thanks Twi *hearts* may the Lord help is to remain faithful!

    3. Thanks Twi *hearts* may the Lord help is to remain faithful!