Saturday, 12 September 2015

A Praying Man!

I am that type of person that says "that's my favorite song" to every song that I know, that is sung in church or that pops up on my playlist. My favorite colour changes all the time (side note: I have even decided that I will let future hubby choose our wedding colour). My favorite food - ummh I won't even go there. BUT there is one thing that if you ask me what it is, I will tell you even in the middle of my dream. That one thing is my favorite sermon. I have listened to a whole lot of sermons, different preachers, but this ONE sermon has remained my favorite. I can't even recall how many times I have listened to it or watched it on YouTube. But I love it and I learn something new all the time. 

The title of the sermon is A PRAYING MAN by SEBASTIEN BRAXTON. Here is the highlight of the sermon:

"We are living in a time when our greatest need, I believe, is for a praying man. We have plenty of educated men. We have plenty of wealthy men. We have plenty of influential men. We have plenty of musical men. But there is a man that is often underestimated and under appreciated. The man of all men who yields greater power and greater results than all the educated, wealthy, influential, and musical men combined. That is a praying man."

If you want to listen to the sermon CLICK HERE for the AudioVerse link. Or if you want to watch it, CLICK HERE  for YouTube.

I hope you will ALL be blessed by this sermon. Above all my PRAYER is for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more.


  1. Wow... we are sort of kindreds. I don't particularly have fave anything... music, color, food, sermons and all. I just love anything good and edifying.
    Thanks for sharing the video. Will watch it later when I subscribe.

  2. Thank you for sharing my dear! You are truly blessed:-)