Sunday, 13 September 2015

Is it necessary to go to Church?

I have noticed a prevailing trend amongst my fellow Seventh Day Adventists (myself included). There is a tendency of choosing to "sleep-in" as opposed to actually going to church on Sabbath.

It's true, the Sabbath is a day set aside for rest. We are called to do NO work (Exodus 20:10) and to call the Sabbath a delight (Isaiah 58:13). However resting does not mean sleeping the whole day.

The precious hours of the Sabbath should not be wasted in bed. The Lord gave us SIX days for our temporal work then he blessed and sanctified the seventh day and set it apart for Himself. On this day He will, in a special manner, bless all who consecrate themselves to His service.

Author's Interjection: Sometimes I convince myself that I don't have to go to church. I can have church in my room and as long as I am not doing any work, then God will be fine with it. But the Lord led me to this passage in the book TESTIMONIES TO THE CHURCH - Volume 6 - Page 362 - by ELLEN WHITE which says;

"Communing together in regard to Christ will strengthen the soul for life's trials and conflicts. Never think that you can be Christians and yet withdraw yourself within yourself. Each one is part of the great web of humanity, and the experience of each will be largely determined by the experience of his associates."

"God teaches that we should assemble in His house to cultivate the attributes of perfect love."

Moral of the Story: The reason why we are not more joyful about going to church on Sabbath is that we have lost our first love. Hence my prayer is for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more. 


  1. So true, it's like being a Christian and not reading your Bible or praying. We are the Body of Christ and need each other to grow. If one part suffers all suffer with it, if one part is glorified all are glorified x
    Lovely post sis

    1. Amen, that is so true. Thanks Twi for sharing :)